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Monday, July 4, 2011

Quilting for a cause

Hello everybody.

A lovely long and lazy weekend here - 4th July which means a day off.  Hurray!  We were also given early release from work on Friday.  (Lots of prison-like associations with that phrasing, I know.)  Anyway, I walked home, which gave me a chance to take in the windows of Saks and Anthropologie at a dawdling pace instead of whizzing past them on the bus.  In the bizarre world of fashion, it is winter, which means that the mannequins in Saks are all bundled up in woollen coats and cashmere jumpers.  Lovely, but a bit mad in 80 degree heat.  Apparently, there are women in the world who shop like this.  Personally, I need to feel the early morning chill of Autumn before i can think of the need for fingerless long wool gloves.  (The Saks mannequins tell me they will be big next season - you heard it here first.)

Saks had also devoted a whole line of windows to The Names Project.

I had a vague impression of this that I'd picked up from somewhere, but it's a powerful thing to see these displayed in a line together.  There's so much love and emotion packed into each one.

And they so vividly bring to life the people they commemorate.

So much life and loss and heartache behind each panel.

(I have sat for awhile wondering whether it's too insensitive a transition to go on from here to chatter on about Anthropologie.  But the truth is that it made me so happy to study their window too.  So much creativity and humour was just the kind of life affirming injection I needed.  Apologies to anyone who finds the remainder of the post in bad taste...)

So, to Anthropologie.  I find their window displays endlessly fascinating.

Who would think to clutter up a window with bubbles?  And yet it works.  And I just love the use of these old slides as the backdrop to a single outfit in the corner of this window.   How fab is that?!

Each slide offering its own tiny slice of life....

There's so much care and attention to detail that goes into these window displays.  But it's not often that I get to see it happen as I did on Friday.

Simple yet effective.

More creative food inside.  There isn't a single plate here that I'm not coveting...

And owls are definitely the bird of the moment.  They were everywhere.

I managed not to buy anything.  But lots of food for mind and soul.  All on the way home from work.



  1. So pleased to see that owls are all the rage over in America - I was wondering if it was just over here!!

  2. I love joining you on your window shopping trips! The memorial quilts are very moving and I wish I could spend some time actually seeing them. Quilting has long been used to mark the stages of life, happy and tragic, and it is fitting that this medium is used to remember loved ones. Inspirational and thanks for sharing xxx

  3. Hope you had a great 4th July - how wonderful being able to window shop at those shops! The quilts are a special way for people to remember loved ones they've lost.
    Love the imaginative windows of A! And those plates!!!
    Thanks for giving us a taste of NY!
    BTW,owls have been big over here for a season or two now, does this mean we are actually ahead of the US in something for once?!!!!!
    Gill xx

  4. I love Anthropologie, but can only visit from online.

    Nina xxx

  5. There is a lovely song by Sweet Honey and the Rock about those quilts (amazingly their presence on you tube is limited so I can't send you a link so you'll just have to take my word for it). I have listened to it for years it is amazing to actually see the quilts.

  6. I just loved that walk home from work with you. The quits are fantastic and Anthropologies window displays are ace! Love Linda x

  7. I've promised myself one day to visit an Anthropologie rather than just admire from a distance. It looks so amazing.

  8. Seeing those quilts close up must bring a lump to the throat, I think it's still emotional seeing them from a computer screen. Lots of lovely images, that really was a visual feast. Hope you enjoyed your 4th July. x


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