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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Once more around the block

Today is the New York Marathon.  If you knew me, you would know that for all sorts of reasons, I will never, ever, run a marathon.  But MeMe Rose has.  In New York.  And MeMe Rose loves New York even more than I do, if that's possible.  Now, she's not running the marathon this year, but promises to again.  So, I thought that before I leave New York, I would go once more around the block for MeMe Rose and show you some of the window shopping I did on my way home from work the other day.

First, the window of Saks.  I have written before about the ogling I do as I pass on the bus every day.  Here's what they have in their windows right now. (Apologies again for the eye phone photos).

I have a major case of the covets with this lot.  In another life I will own a coat as fabulous as the one in picture three.  It's got a 70s vintage vibe crossed with a luxe overlay.  And I really want that jumper in picture 4 (but really I want to look all willowy in it).

But what I hadn't realised, what I couldn't see from the bus because it doesn't go past the front of the store, is that they are having a Pucci extravaganza.


And if anyone is stuck for a Christmas present idea for that special someone who has everything, how about this?

A stuffed set of sports car, speedboat and helicopter.  No?

Anyway, back to a more manageable fantasy and moving sluggishly on, I went to Anthropologie....

... where they have yarn bombed a garden bench and set up a whole forest of weaving...

Once again it was the home section that really caught my eye.  I just love this lamp...

And though I'm not sure this is the way I'll arrange my chairs in my new house, it still looks pretty fab here...

If you're stuck for a way to show off an old shirt, I reckon you could do worse...

And I would so love this caulifower-lidded jar if it weren't so eye-wateringly expensive...

But what I'd like most of all is pretty much everything on this table (including the overhead lampshade).  Just lovely.

So, MeMe Rose, I hope you'll forgive the lack of marathon running.  I was otherwise engaged.



  1. After I leave this comment i'm going back to look at all the photos again... I want to live in Anthropologie and I'm in love with the lampshade. Thank you very much for thinking of me on your way home from work...I'm going to show my husband the photo with the wooden chairs displayed on the wall as it will make him smile. He has told me, under no circumstances must I come home with any more chairs...we could seat an army and still have enough left over for a similar display!

  2. Anyone else want the yarn used to dress the Anthropologie window the most?

  3. OMG, I love your pics, so gorgeous! Don't know which one is my fav, they are all so fantastic!

  4. I find myself filled with an unreasonable longing to now own a cauliflower lidded pot.

  5. I am now suffering from a nasty case of the lampshade wanties!

  6. I would like one of everything from Anthroplogie, please! Have only visited once and was blown away by the imagination of the displays. Love those chairs.

  7. i want to be willowy and elegant in pucci .....
    but the word verification is "spleg" , which sort of sums up my chances !


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