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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Sampler (better late than never...)

I love making these.  I thought I hadn't taken any photos this month, but here they are after all.  I was going to do some of the old lady house (I'm obsessing about this at the moment).  But all the ones I took are of weird angles or long shots so that I could remember the detail of each room.  There are no pretty photos.  But I promise I'll do before and after shots when the time comes.  For now, here is April.



  1. LOVE your April sampler! I ought to do these, it might encourage me to take more photos :-)

  2. I really love seeing your samplers....all the photos seem to go so well together! xx

  3. LOL love the pink curlers!
    That tea cosy, however old fashioned it may be, is fab!
    Great sampler!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!


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