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Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the bag - Ta-dah!


My iPad cover.  What I made.  All by myself.  Gosh, how clever am I!

I would like to tell you it was nothing really, just something I knocked out in an afternoon.  But this has been tormenting me for about a month now.  I even got up early one Saturday recently because I thought I'd cracked it, only to find myself ripping it apart again in frustration later in the day.

Never one to make it easy on myself, I didn't think to look up a pattern.  Or at least I did, but I didn't think any pattern would accommodate the beautiful piece of fabric with the car that I wanted to form the front flap, and I knew if I found a pattern I wouldn't be able to adapt it, so I ploughed on.  To give you an idea of how many times I re-did this, I went through a whole spool of thread...  I know, right?

And now that I've got it sorted, I can't believe how stupid I was being all along.  And of course the answer was so simple, and had been staring me in the face.  All I needed to do was to follow the way I made my bags (sort of).  I knew I didn't want any exposed seams on the sides because they would come apart after awhile, but I must have tried every possible variation of folding and stitching before it dawned on me that I needed an inner pocket sewn right sides together and left that way, and an outer pocket sewn right sides together and then turned inside out so that the right sides faced out.  And then the inner pocket could, well, sit inside the outer pocket.  Genius!

That only left the flap, and I knew I only had this little piece of fabric to work with so necessity made that bit quite straightforward in the end.

So, there you go - my first ever made up made thing, ever.  Isn't it pretty?  Do you like it?  Do you really?  And doesn't my iPad look the business tucked away in there?

If I'm honest, I will tell you that in fact I didn't make the pockets high enough, so that when the ipad is inside, the flap comes over but you can't see all the car, which niggles me.  But I still love the colour combination and the travel motif (nothing if not obvious) and the general feel of the thing.  And did I mention that I made it?  Me.

And just in time - I am off on my travels tomorrow (Afghanistan and Lebanon - not sure how I feel about that...) and will be out of touch for a week or more.  Will be thinking of you all and looking forward to hearing how you're getting on.



  1. I love it...well done for all your perseverance. x

  2. Well done on finishing your bag. I can relate to everything you said because that's me all over. I just want to get started on whatever I want to make and usually end up blundering on making mistake after mistake and only at the end do I realise it was so simple and easy after all!

  3. I love how you're just talking about an i-pad cover that you made, and then just drop in at the end that you're going to Afghanistan and Lebanon - say whaaaaat?!

    I-pad cover is beautiful, well done for persevering, I don't think people can sometimes appreciate how much effort it takes to stick with something like that when every bone in your body is telling you to just hide it away and pretend it never existed!

  4. How clever! Love the blue fabric with the car.

  5. Well Done you Clever girl- it looks great! I admire your perseverance, its certainly paid off as it look marvellous.
    Hope you have a wonderful time travelling, look forward to hearing your news on your return.
    Gill xx

  6. Beautiful iPad case and lovely seams. I really want an iPad at the moment, I have gadget envy. Also I have some Lebanese roots, it is a beautiful country you'll have a lovely time there oooo and think of all that delicious food. Afghanistan, however, I hear there is a war going on there...

  7. Looks terrific, well done you clever thing. I thought that you had printed the fabric as well, but that's going a little too far isn't it?Love Linda x

  8. Yay for figuring and stitching - it's fab

  9. It is fantastic you clever thing! I honestly believe that we learn so much from making things up even if they end up less than perfect ....we have to figure it out and think strategically and that can be more instructive than simply following a pattern. Great work and fantastic that you kept at it! xxx


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