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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Treasure at every turn

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my iPad case.  I'm glad you picked up on the temptation to sling it in the back of a cupboard.  I just couldn't find a cupboard deep enough to stop the nagging voice that I could figure it out if only I tried hard enough.  Nothing if not dogged...

Anyway, I am back from my travels, safe and sound.  I would love to tell you about all the great things I saw and did, but I spent a week going from compound to compound and not seeing anything more exciting than airports (of the non-glamourous variety) so nothing much to report there. 

But we have had a lovely long weekend here with Memorial Day so, when I wasn't sleeping, I was out and about, enjoying having Mr. P back with me, and generally making the most of a hot weather weekend (it finally stopped raining...). 

And I have treasure to show you.  First up, this fab leather footstool bought for a song at my local flea market. 

Isn't it just the business!  I LOVE the colour.  (Anthropologie has a beautiful club chair in just this shade of green leather with each button covered in a different fabric that I have been coveting for the longest time.  In truth, a green chair might be too much, but the footstool is just perfect...)  And it really brings out the green in the faded old cushion cover from Designers Guild that I've had forever.  And it's got those great metal tips to the legs.  We found it at the end of a trudge through the market in the very last stall.  Exactly the kind of thing that keeps me going back week after week.

(We will draw a veil over the fiasco that was the Manchester United v Barcelona match, watched after we found the stool.  Nuff said...)

I left Mr. P. hiding from the heat on Sunday to go back to the Brooklyn Flea.  Treasure at every turn.  A Royal Denmark vase...

... and a partner for my other tapestry picture bought there a few weeks ago.  (I sense a collection in the making...)

... and this lovely Arabia marmalade jar.  (I saw one when I was in Australia but left it behind and it has been nagging at me ever since, but if anything this one is even better with its gold accents...)

And finally, this lovely bowl bought in a charity shop for $1 last night.

This weekend, I am promising myself not to go to any more flea markets.  There's no end...

Loving catching up on all you blogs.  I missed them while I was away.


  1. Your finds are encouraging me to do some vintage shopping of my own... Love the new tapestry picture.

  2. Hi Claire, thanks for stopping by at Polonica: Home Again. I do like your Royal Dutch find, the marmalade jar and the bowl. I have a soft spot for ceramics in general :-). I will follow you.
    In your profile you say you lived all over the planet but still must be fab to be living in New York.

  3. P.S. there is something wrong with Google, does not allow me to "Follow". I will come back later.

  4. Such love that footstool. Happy weekend.

  5. LOVE the footstool! The picture is adorable. it is always so satisfying to find little gems x

  6. That footstool is fabulous! Love the shape and love the colour.What a brilliant find!
    You must have been on a roll - you got some great stuff! Some days are like that arent they, then another time, zippo!
    Gill xx

  7. It looks like you're an expert at finding treasures. I wouldn't be able to choose a favourite, they're all wonderful.


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