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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This year's love

Hello there,

You may remember that I restyled my hall during the hurricane that wasn't last year.  If so, you'll know already that I have a small but growing collection of hearts.

We don't go in much for St. Valentine's Day celebrations in the House of NKK.  Anyone who's been in the States between Christmas and 14 February and watched the commercial machine crank up the volume on Hallmark-style romance will understand why.  That, and an in-built contrariness about being told to love each other NOW.  So the heart collection isn't bought on St. Valentine's Day but at random days of the year, when I see a heart that calls to me.  And so it was, just after Christmas, that the tinkle of this lovely proved too difficult to resist.

So, there you have it.  This year's love.  With bells on.

Tonight, I am off to my first WI meeting.  Yes indeed.

Happy St. Valentine's Day everybody.



  1. I have that same heart!! It's on the bannister in the hall. I bought 3 heart wreaths in the Jan sales... the bell one which I'm keeping up all year, a red berry one and a white glittery one made of tiny fir cones. I think they are all Gisela Graham...

  2. See you there - Dawn & I are coming along :)

  3. Hoorah, you decided to join! We'll have you making jam yet :) I have a heart collection too, mine are in my kitchen. Most cheering. Laura x

  4. I had planned to join my WI but having wandered past the meeting place, I thought better of it. I hope it works for you.

  5. I have wondered about joining the WI - but as I'm nearly 50 I think I would blend in seamlessly and am not sure I would carry off the slightly 'I am way young but here anyway' look.

  6. Love your collection of hearts, especially the tiny bells!

    Good luck with the WI meeting!

    Gill xx

  7. Mr GiW are celebrating Valentine's Day with a trip to the cinema to see The Muppets film. Now if that isn't romantic, I don't know what is.

  8. I've just popped in from the Coffee Lady's blog, attracted by your funny comment on swimming (with which I so agree) and then further attracted by your saying that you've conquered your fear of sewing machines (which I would also like to do). Anyway. Hello!

  9. I love hearts, I only have a heart mug currently though. I did make some late mince pies this week which perhaps I should have put hearts on, I could have started a valentines day mince pie tradition. It seems unfair just to keep them for the christmas season. - Annie

  10. Lovely hearts and I do agree with the "Valentine machine" over here in the States, just too much. Enjoy your Sunday!


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