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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


No, no, this won't do at all!  If I'm going to have a blog, the very least I can do is write in it once in a while, no?  And I can't even give you a decent excuse, beyond, well, you know, stuff and nonsense getting in the way.  Sorry.  Sniff.

Right, so what have you all been up to?  Me - I'm beginning to think we made a big mistake buying the House by the Sea. It's fast becoming apparent that what we should have bought was a house boat.  Yes indeed.  It has rained since Sunday, pretty much non-stop.  Living in the dryest county in England, I know I'm supposed to think that's A Good Thing.  But enough now.  Really.

So I thought you might like a little injection of colour.  Those who've dropped by NKK before must be wondering how I'm managing without my favourite store.  Well, fear not.  It hasn't taken me long to find Suffolk's answer to Anthropologie.

 Snape Maltings is 5 minutes' drive from where I live.  There's a rather lovely looking walk across the wetlands from my town to Snape, and if it ever stops raining, I may even drag Mr. P out for a ramble, with promises of cake at the other end.

It's one of the main attractions in the area as it hosts an impressive series of musical events throughout the calendar.  Cunningly, the developers also realised its retail potential.
So now it houses everything from garden products to furniture, with lots of pretty frou frous wherever you look.

And isn't this enamel chandelier affair just the business?

 It's the kind of place you take visitors to, have lunch overlooking the vast shop floor and then come away with the perfect little something to take home as a momento.  So you see, Anthropologie fans need not worry.  I am right at home.

Back soon, I promise.



  1. Hi Claire, welcome back!

    No doubt you have been busy doing more important things like decorating and home making, its very excusable!

    Snape Maltings is a great place to live near, and how lovely to be ale to walk there! We visited whilst on holiday inthe area a few years ago and they have some great antiques places on site too.

    Love the look of the goodies above!

    Hope all is going well in your new home

    Gill xx

  2. Kathy in Michigan USAMarch 7, 2012 at 12:46 PM

    Clad to see you back, Claire. Life does get in the way, doesn't it? Love that shop & all the treasures. It would be very dangerous to my pocketbook for me to live so close to Snape as you. Take care. It is bound to stop raining sometime, right?

  3. Oooo, lucky you to find somewhere like this to amble around!
    I hope you find many-a lovely piece to take home.

  4. How wonderful does that chandelier look!

  5. Nice to see you back, you were missed. That shop looks amazing, just as well I don't live close by as I would be raiding it at every opportunity! xx

  6. Such a long time since I was there, I must remedy that.

  7. Hooray! you are back, and what awesome shower caps. ooo I want one of those, I will be the most stylish lady in my bathroom. -Annie


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