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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

After Noah

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for your good wishes on my (old) new job.  I'm excited and nervous and still very bemused at this turn of events and am trying to make the most of my last few days before starting work on Monday.  Mr. P. is away at the moment so I am quietly getting ready and doing a bit of writing and trying to reassure myself that my brain won't have turned to mush during my time off.  And I have had a project to work on and now something to show you.


I have been knitting.  You may remember earlier in the year I knit a sweet little cardigan from Debbie Bliss's Knitter's Year.  This was it.


Well, when we discovered a few months back that a little girl had come into the family, I knew just the thing I wanted to make. The pink cardigan was made of cotton yarn, but that felt wrong for this time of year.  But then the shop I went to for inspiration had the exact cardigan knit in baby cashmerino, and I knew that would be perfect.


I was on a deadline because I wanted Mr. P. to take it with him when he went away, so I've been knitting like a demon over the last few weeks.  I had given up all hope of finishing it, but then a stinking cold kept me inside last week, so I managed it with, oh, hours to spare!  (It wasn't helped by having cold induced knitting dyslexia which meant that I cast off the front and back the wrong way around so that the left front piece hung on one side of the back piece but the right side faced the other way - even now I can't explain it properly...).

And I have discovered in the process that I like to do things in twos.  I made a bag.  And then another.  A cushion cover.  And then another.  And I have plans for another wavery ripple scarf.  Oh, and another lampshade.  Okay, so it's hardly mass production.  But there's something satisfying about figuring something out and doing all the swearing and ripping etc. the first time around, and then tackling it the second time knowing roughly what you're doing.

As long as you don't have a cold.

So, here it is.  My Noah cardigan.  


Can't wait to see baby J in it.


PS Thank you for all your lovely comments and helpful suggestions as to what to do with the granny square blanket.  I suspect that it will remain as it is, at least until after the other second time around projects I have planned.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about making the second of something! Infinitely more enjoyable and error free! Keep well x

  2. I also like to do things in twos. When I like the finished product, I forget about the pain of the process. Similar to what I hear many moms say. They forget about the pain of the birth when they are ready for another child :-)

  3. Sweet little jacket, lovely colour too.

  4. It's gorgeous, love the colour .. definitely pink! Congratulations on your job, just think - lots more pennies coming in for more yarn!

  5. This is so beautiful ... I just love the colour and the little orange ribbon really completes it ... very pretty crafting ... looking forward to seeing more .. Bee x

  6. They are beautiful - I remember having something similar when I was little that my gran knitted me. The ribbon running through is adorable.

    Nina x

  7. What an excellent cardigan, I am a big fan of cardigans and if you can put the colours pink and yellow in it all the better. So cute. - Annie


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