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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pump Street Bakery

Hello everybody,

When we lived in New York, one of our favourite weekend pastimes was to have brunch.  There are so many places for this in Manhattan, ranging from chi chi restaurants with massive queues outside to old school diners where everything is supersized and you don't need to eat for a week afterwards.

So, I was a bit worried when we decamped to the house by the sea that we'd have nowhere to get our weekly fix of excellent coffee and tasty treats while we flicked through the sunday papers.  I need not have fretted.  Because not very far from where we live is the lovely and amazing Pump Street Bakery.

You know you're in trouble when even the lighting excites you
Their sourdough bread is just delicious, and they do a fab bacon rocket and lemon mayo bap.  Their savoury snacks really are good - fresh ingredients, locally sourced, with perfectly balanced flavours.


But the real treats, the things that keep us going back there time after time, are the sweet treats.  Doughnuts filled with jams - rhubarb or raspberry - or creme anglaise, or brownies or meringues.  Eccles cakes don't normally have me salivating at the sight of them, but one bite of these and I was hooked.  Every time I go, I debate whether to have an Eccles cake or a Portuguese nata (I'm a sucker for custard...)


There's a fire in winter and outside seating in the summer months.  And the simple decor perfectly complements the good simple food...


But the best bit for me is Cedric.


From Wednesdays to Sundays, Cedric can be found around and about, selling bread and treats to those who can't make it to the bakery.



So, you see, I needn't have worried.  Brunch is taken care of wherever we are.


And you needn't take my word for how good Pump Street is.  The bakery has a finalist in the BBC's Food and Farming Awards.  Hope it wins.


ps I have no affiliation with Pump Street Bakery.  I just like their stuff!


  1. You see this is why I want to live where you do, and instead I have been contenting myself with annual holidays in your area for years. Maybe one day, who knows.

    And congratulations on the new job - good luck - and the sweet knitted jacket :D

  2. OMG, I love this posting. This bakery reminds me so much of the bakeries back home in Germany. How I wish we had something similar here in the US where I live or at least a Cedric to stop by our neighborhood...The goodies look so wonderfully delicious.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. that looks so amazing, I'm tempted to travel over to Suffolk just to visit!

  4. I hope that you are going to go on a very long run now - I think that I would certainly need to if I lived near that wonderful place!

    Pomona x

  5. I must go back just to try the bakery. I know that you have the best fish and chips there.

  6. What a great little bakery, love your photos you make it look so inviting. I had one of those delicious natas for my lunch today, I'm afraid you would have to fight me to get your hands on one of those. And I love Eccles cakes too.
    Yum x

  7. The Portuguese "Pastel de nata" in your photo looks exactly like the ones made in Portugal and you're right they are delicious. Have you tried them warm with a sprinkle of cinnamon?

  8. Did someone mention sour dough?!

    I really need a bakery like that in my life - it all looks so blooming delicious.

    Nina x


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