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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A very good place to start

I have cut out a paper "M".  Hardly a very auspicious start to my crafting life, I know, but I had to start somewhere.  And actually, it's more difficult than you might think (not the cutting out part - even I can manage that), but choosing the font was a bit tricky.  Most Ms, as I've now studied in detail, are actually made up of thick legs and thin ones, and I needed one of the sturdy, thick-leg-all-round, variety.  And take it from me, American Typewriter Condensed on an Apple computer is the way to go.  Chunky legs with nice rounded edges.

And I needed the "M" because I have chosen my first project.  Mr. P. and I were in London on holiday at Christmas and I went out for the day with my Mum.  The Christmas decorations in Anthropologie (you'll hear a lot about Anthropologie) were all half-price and I saw a rather lovely bunting-like decoration that spelled out "Merry Christmas" in stuffed-cloth lettering strung along some fabric tape with bells on (not sure if that description does it justice, but you get the gist).  I was dithering about buying it as it seemed a bit frivolous and it was GBP 49 half price (yes indeed).  Anyway, I didn't buy it, but spent the evening wishing I had and when I went back the next day they were sold out.  I hate that.  So, I have decided to have a go at making it myself!

I picked out this fabric from Peter Jones.  I'll use the denim for the back of all the letters and then swap and change between the rest for the front (some may have ribbons on; I haven't quite decided).  I don't have a sewing machine (yet...) so I'm going to have a go at doing this by hand.  And my "M" is my project for this weekend.  I figure if I make a letter or two a month, I'll have it finished by Christmas.

Yesterday was truly miserable here.  There was icy rain in the night so the trip to work was awful - a mix of ice and snow and slush everywhere and the rain on the pavements had frozen over.  I fell over just in front of my office.  (Nothing broken except my dignity.) My fall was softened by my sleeping bag coat (aka my shite coat).  I hate my shite coat.  But when we moved here three years ago, I spent the winter being stylish and cold.  Now I'm warm and look like a cross between a pile of tyres and a penguin.  I'd rather be wearing this Marc Jabocs creation which is tantalising me from the window of Saks at the moment:

And I have to remind myself that the sky doesn't always sit on your head in winter, even if it has been for the last fews days.  I got up the other morning and the light was streaming through a gap in the buildings all the way across Manhattan and hitting the glasses on my kitchen shelf. 

Wish me luck with my letters!


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