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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The ground beneath your feet

I was on the phone to someone just now talking about life assurance (of all things) when my chair began to bounce underneath me. For a few seconds, maybe 10, it got stronger and then it just went away. I live on the 20th floor. Not a good place to be when the floor starts bouncing up and down.

This is nothing, I know. My job brought me close to the effects of the earthquake in Haiti. And when we were in Sydney we saw the effects of the Christchurch earthquake. And of course more recently, Japan's has wreaked havoc. But it's still beyond weird to be anywhere near a 6.0 magnitude tremor.

Everyone alright out there?



  1. OH my goodness! I just read there was an earthquake in Washington, I'm assuming this is what you felt?

    Scary biscuits - I was in one of those little tiny ones that we had in Manchester years ago and that freaked me out and that was about 3!

    Hope you're good and not too freaked out.

  2. I can imagine that must be a pretty alarming experience. Glad you are ok xxx

  3. I too experienced the one in the UK a few years ago and i was absolutely petrified. I dread to experience a "proper" one and you are right the devastation they leave is not nice. I feel for you up there so high, hurry up and get on the boat and head over this way :o) xx

  4. Glad you are ok. Quakes are horrible, I got really shaken up by one in the middle of the night in the UK a couple of years ago xx

  5. We felt it out here in sunny Delaware. The Viking was changing clothes and thought he’d just lost his balance. Maman and I knew something was wrong when our non-rocking chairs started rocking. The nephews napped safely through it.

    Nothing broken and no one hurt, but it’s given the expression “a bit rattled” new meaning.

  6. I'm glad to hear you are alright! That was a sizable quake, so you definitely earned a t-shirt!! ;)

    We live in southern CA so things have to really get shaking to make people stop what they're doing. :) But, it still shakes people up because I think we always wonder of the what-ifs.

    My dad used to work on the 41st floor in a building in downtown Los Angeles. It was built on rollers in order to ride out quakes, so what it did was _enhance_ the movement!!! He said it was "interesting" to experience a quake way up there!! Sounds like you got a good right, too!! :)

  7. Glad to hear everything is alright up there in NY, got a little scared down here in DC but a cup of tea and the afternoon off work seems to have sorted everything out! Heres hoping there are no significant after shocks.

  8. I'm glad you're o.k! I've never experienced an Earthquake myself, I imagine it must be terrifying. The painting of the beach and dunes is areal find, I think it's gorgeous! Vanessa xxx


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