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Monday, January 16, 2012

The house of NKK

Hello everybody,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We are having the most marvellous weather at the moment.  High blue skies and crisp cold days.  I just love it when it's like this.

I have discovered the secret to a tidying up.  Have visitors come to stay.  We had a friend to visit on Saturday, which meant that instead of mess in every room, the chaos is now semi contained.  So, at long last, I have some before and after photos for you.

You will remember the kitchen from a few months ago.

There was also a dining room next door.

So we knocked the two rooms into one.  (Glad I wasn't around at the time...)

And this is the kitchen now.

Like it?  Not bad, eh?  I change my mind on a minute by minute basis as to what I like best about it.  But I keep coming back to the pantry.  Really, it's just a walk in cupboard that used to house a hulk of a warm air heating system.  But to me it's a pantry.  No more rooting around in cupboards among the out of date tins.  No, no.  Now, I am a domestic goddess.  Yes, indeed.

Not sure I ever showed you the sitting room, complete with '60s fireplace.

This is what it looked like yesterday.  (Next to where I stood we're still working on some shelving.)

 I don't know about you, but for me, it's the unexpected transition views that make me stop and look when I move around a new space.  This is the view from the kitchen into the dining area at one end of the living room.

My books.  Almost all in one place.  Hurray!  And I get to stare at them bleary-eyed as I eat my porridge in the morning.  Nothing if not inspiring.

Anyway, there'll be more another day, but hope you like what you've seen so far.  Thanks for being with me on the journey home.



  1. What a wonderful transformation! You must be so happy! And I laughed at the comment about cleaning for guests. I do the same thing. And if it's my parents coming to visit, my house is virtually sterilized! Enjoy your new space - it's lovely.

  2. Pantry envy! My kitchen is the same size as your pantry. I used to live in a house with warm air heating - such a dusty thing to have. Your house is looking very good, well done.

  3. WOOF! That kitchen. is. FIT.

    Love the colour.

    And I'm practically beside myself looking at that bookshelf. So many books!!! GIMME.

  4. Snap, I have a pantry/larder too! (& your kitchen colour too- but not in the kitchen)
    Love the new look, enjoy it!

  5. Love your pics of your house, so nice!...Hope you had a good visit with hour friend! Have a wonderful week!

  6. It is definitely a pantry, perhaps you need a sign to prove it to non-believers. Well done it is looking gorgeous. I love the shade of blue you painted the kitchen. I agree with you about those transitional views, or I get a kick out of seeing something through a mirror or even better through a mirror reflected in another mirror...weird I know! How is the reading going? Love Linda x

  7. Firstly welcome back you have been missed. For some reason you haven't shown up on my dashboard for the last couple of posts but now you are back! Your house looks so beautiful - an amazing transformation, especially the i=kitchen. have total pantry envy. look forward to your next post! x

  8. Woah! Your kitchen is AMAZING - I love your taste. The living room looks great too. I want to nosey at all your books...

  9. I love it! Your books are my fave thing, love the wall of shelves in the sitting rm and the open recipe bookshelves in the kitchen too. You must be so pleased to have it all up together. Looks like you have the perfectspace for jam making there ;) Laura x

  10. So jealous. Wish I could re-do my kitchen, but all things are on hold until certain large elected bodies decide maybe I've suffered enough and can have a cost-of-living adjustment again. I'll just be living vicariously through your lovely pantry, then.

  11. What a wonderful transformation! You did such a great job. I am jealous of your cooker. I would love to have a stove like that, but I would have to mortgage my cats to buy one. Can't wait to see the rest of the remodel.
    Michigan USA

  12. Wonderfully transformed! I now have pantry envy.

  13. You've done a grand job and 'yep' we had one of those fireplaces too - it was the first thing we ripped out when we moved in.

    Nina x

  14. Oh I just love your transformations! And that delicious wall of books!!! Do you hand out library cards? I will be right over.

    Ciao Bella

  15. it! What a difference! Thank you for letting me in on your inspiration table today...I just ordered Lisa Stickley's new book the other day! But off to check out the Liberty books. xoxo Happy day and enjoy your new digs! xoxoxo

  16. Please can you also transform my house. It looks so beautiful what a happy looking home. - Annie

  17. Wow, a transformation indeed, I bet you spend a lot of time standing against the wall soaking it all in. Love your new rooms and yes, I think the pantry does it for me too. Can't wait to see the rest of it.

  18. wowee your place is looking amazing! i'd love a kitchen like that!


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