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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Please note: this post should be read picturing me skipping around the house.  

I have made something.  An actual article of clothing.  Yes indeed.  LOOK!

I knit that.  Isn't it cute?  It's for a little girl who is 12 weeks old this week.  So it's a good job I finished it, because foolishly I chose the smallest size (3-6 months).  So it was now or never really.

It's from this lovely book.

You can also find the pattern free here on Ravelry.

It was pretty straightforward for the beginner knitter that I am.  I only needed help at the very end.  But I found someone at the crafty group I've joined who showed me what to do.  Such a satisfying feeling.

And I think it really can't be beaten for cuteness.

I've already got plans for my next knitting project.

Will keep you posted.  And thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my growing blanket collection.    I wouldn't be doing any of this without you and I'm chuffed to bits that you take the time to comment on what I get up to.



  1. Very impressed, especially as moss stitch is about the slowest knit stitch to do - it is also one of the prettiest. So what next, adult jumper?

  2. It's lovely - and fantastic for a beginner knitter. I have been knitting for quite a few years, and have always struggled with moss stitch, but you have made yours beautifully.

    Pomona x

  3. Lovely to see it finished - it looks lovely :)

    See you tomorrow - make sure you wrap up warm!

  4. Congrats! It was easy to see why you skipped around the house.

  5. Aw that's adorable! I'm sure the recipient will be delighted. Your moss stitch looks very neat indeed :-)

  6. What a cute little cardi - I had that book for Christmas - it ha some lovely project sin it. What will you make next?

  7. That is so lovely, it is very similar to one my mother made for my girlie when she was a tiny tot. That was by Debbie Bliss too, so it may even have been the same pattern.
    It seems there's no stopping you now .. knitorama here you come.

  8. I'm well impressed... it looks adorable. I've just spent way too long trying to make a tea cosy and the damn thing doesn't fit, so to turn on the computer and see this cardie is very impressive indeed.

  9. It's amazing! I will join you in skipping round the room in your honour. It's my holy grail - making a real life outfit.

    Beside myself with the colour of that pink ball of wool by the way.

  10. Woweeeeeee! I would take and and show it to strangers saying "look what I made, look, look" then skip away.


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