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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Borough Market

Hello everybody,

When I was down in London Town for Handmade Renegade I finally managed to do something that was on my list of London lovely things to do fo the longest time:  visit Borough Market.

I could tell you about the posh coffee, or the delicate first picked leaves of darjeeling tea I tasted, or the amazing breads and cakes, or the granola or home made jams.   Or the amazing butchers and fishmongers.  Oh, and the cheese.  But instead I thought I'd just show you lots of photos to drool over.  Just in time for dinner.


A feast, I tell you!

There were other things too around the market....
loved the light here...
I know how he feels sometimes...



And best of all were these, used as shade outside a new restaurant.  They make my hear skip a beat every time I look at them.


Back soon with goodies from the flea market.




  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I like the one of the umbrellas particularly. I've never been to Borough Market and it looks stunning.

  2. Wonderful photos. Thanks for the tea towel tip.

  3. I have total photo love. My camera has broken so I also have photo envy x

  4. Lovely photos, the umbrellas are ace! I love Borough Market, so much yumminess... Laura x

  5. Just found your lovely blog via nimble fingers and steady eyebrows ... can't wait to take a peep through your older posts ... I love London but sadly haven't been for a long time ... I always loved the markets ... oh, the umbrellas are amazing ... Bee xx

    PS Now a happy follower :)

  6. yum yum yum. what a lovely market it is. Sometimes I miss London, I am going to put that on my list for my next visit. - ANnie

  7. What a stunning market - it looks absolutely fantastic! I will have to find my way there some time.

    Pomona x

  8. What a fab market, and those umbrellas are wonderful!

  9. I remember going there on my first and last visit to Scotland - I found a patchwork throw for five pounds, and I still have it! Looks as if it's poshed up a bit since those days, what a wonderful foody Paradise!

  10. Blimey - is that really a sharks head?!

    I'd love to have (decent) market nearby that supplied all those yummy things.

    Nina x

  11. Those are absolutely stunning pictures. Whispers, the fudge looks particularly tempting;-) I wish you could pop over to our covered market here in Tours; another feast for the eyes, the stomach, and sometimes of course, the pocket.

    Nice to 'meet' you.


  12. I have to agree with Stephanie, these are fabulous images! I can feel the bustle and hear the sounds I swear. And am now craving tomatoes with sea salt, at bedtime!


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