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Monday, September 3, 2012

Crochetdermy (and sneaking in the back door hoping no-one noticed...)

Hello everybody,

I had thought that my blogging days were over, what with one thing and another (mostly to do with feeling suddenly like I had nothing to say anymore now that I can no longer distract you from my woeful crafting attempts with tales of Manhattan).  But in the last week, at least three ideas for posts have sort of fallen across my path, and so I thought I'd give it a go again.  I can make no promises, or at least none that that you'd believe given recent performance, but here goes.

We are living in an age of austerity in the House of NKK.  Gone are the days of extravagance and whimsy.  We are experiencing cut backs and general frugality, the price paid for a career sabbatical.  I introduced a ban on magazine buying a while back, so haven't been browsing through my usual glossies of late.  But last week I cracked and bought Homes & Antiques (this girl knows how to have a good time.  Oh, yes).

And immediately I thought of the women of blogland.  For inside is the story of Shauna Richardson, whose crochet animals are on an epic scale.  The photos in the article show some beautiful creatures, all crocheted straight onto scale forms rather than fitted like a sock afterwards.  Amazing.

All images are photos of the ones in H&A.  My photos are crap; H&A's are not.  I need to get back my photo eye.
But the really amazing thing that has everyone in the know (not me, obviously) buzzing is the Lion Heart Project, which is on show outside the Natural History Museum until 10 September.  She's made these incredible larger than life crochet lions, now housed in a glass case in front of the museum.  

And you can see her working on them on the youtube link below.  Really worth a look.

It struck me as just the kind of eccentric thing that you'd get.  I tried to show Mr. P. but he wasn't that enthused.  So I just had to come and show you instead.


If you haven't already had a look, H&A also have some amazing treats from Harmony & Rosie, which she wrote about here.  See page 36.  (well, a girl can look...)


  1. I saw an enormous crocheted bear at the V&A - it was by the same artist I think. Quite amazing! Good to hear from you - hope your holiday let is doing well. I have a quiet little dream of coming to stay one day - our weekends are still full of B&Bs at the moment and I would just love a weekend away!

    Pomona x

  2. Hello! I buy two magazines each month... Mollie Makes and Homes and Antiques. If MM wasn't on subscription I doubt I would get it anymore as I feel it has lost its way of late. H&A on the other hand is fabulous and I look forward to it each month. There is a local charity shop which sells old magazines so I go there for other housey mags and pay the princely sum of 25p. I did start buying a crochet mag but that has just gone up to £5 and I think it is just too much... I didn't know you had lost your blogging voice, I thought you were super busy with your new venture. It is lovely to hear from you and I hope you get your bloggy mojo back x

  3. Hello old friend! * waves* Welcome back :) Good to see you, and the crochet animals too. Laura x

  4. How lovely you're here Claire - welcome back!
    I too assumed you were busy busy writing and doing up houses etc, so it's good to see you back with a post.
    I too saw this article, and was amazed by this talented persons crochet work, the sheer scale and challenge of it - incredible stuff! Thanks for sharing.
    Gill xx

  5. The important thing about blogging, dear heart, is that it serves you. I find I'm a better overall writer when I blog; I also find that sometimes I need to write about things outside what I write for work or when I'm noodling around with fiction. So blog occasionally as it suits you, we'll be here.


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