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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Enchanted garden

Hello everybody,

I owe you a post on the treasures I found at the vintage fair I went to on Saturday but haven't taken the photos yet.  Thought you might like to see my new favourite place instead.  

The Walled Garden is minutes from my house and it took me until last week to go.  I've been three times since.  It sells plants.  But to call it a garden centre doesn't do it justice.  It is beautiful and enchanted.  Inspiring and soothing.  Tranquil and vibrant.  It is everything you might need to begin to create your own garden.  

In short, it has given me the jolt of enthusiasm I needed to engage with my own wilderness.  The old lady house by the sea came with its own garden.  My first.  And I have been terrified of it.  The old lady was quite the gardener in her day and passersby stop and tell me that the garden used to be beautiful.  Yes indeed.  For a year I have looked out the windows at the devastation wreaked by the builders, the rain and the mad growth spurt that followed, so that the plants and weeds are now bickering with each other for space.

Builders - gotta love 'em
And if I'm honest, I don't like much of what's here.  It's nothing against the old lady.  But, well, it's an old lady's garden.  Not mine.

So this morning, I got up really early and attacked this small bed.  It's just outside the living room, and you can just see the double doors we had put in which open onto the garden.  And this bed depressed the hell out of me.  Not sure why.  It just wasn't very joyful.

An hour or so later, I had this.

Better, but not great.

I'd ordered lots of bulbs, so I buried them in the hope that next Spring will be a colourful one - pink narcissi - who knew!  And don't you just love rununculus?

And once I'd got the bulbs sorted, I planted up some flowers.  (That spiky thing is a red hot poker - love.)  I can't wait for next Spring to see what happens.

Not Walled Garden standard.  But a start.

How does your garden grow?



  1. What a great shop! I could get into serious debt at a place like that :-)

  2. Horray! We also have a builder wrecked garden but it won't be long before we can tackle it too. I love the flowers and the bulbs are going to be beautiful. My dream is to have a pond with ducks and water lilies. I might also need a little more room. - Annie

  3. Good for you and how exciting! You've planted some lovely things already, its going to look much more colourful than the plants you inheirited and will be glorious next spring!


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