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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Handmade Renegade comes to London

Hello everybody,

Hope you're having a fab weekend.  I have had the most lovely couple of days.  Lots to tell you, but for now, just a quick post because I am about to get in a car and hurtle up the motorway to Yorkshire for a few days.  Trip to Harrogate planned.  V excited.

But before I get to that,  let me tell you about a fantabulous craft fair that's on in London this weekend.


Went yesterday with my sister and niece.  I was a big fan from my time in the States, written about here so was very excited to see what London had to offer. 



Those ice lollies are now on their way to my niece's bedroom wall.


Folksy had thoughtfully provided the materials for those overcome with the need to craft.  Check out the sausage dog!


And there was a paper flower making class in progress.  Just the thing to brighten up a winter window ledge.


And tucked away on a shelf were these rather shy looking sheep.


But the highlight of the day was meeting the lovely Emma from Silverpebble whose jewellery is just delightful.  My first real life blog encounter - my niece was very excited.  (Sorry there is no photo of her fab stall.  I was a bit shy to ask.)  Were we not living in the age of austerity in the House of NKK, I would have bought the spinny windmill.  And I have plans when normal salaried service resumes to attend a workshop with Emma.  For now, it was a delight just to look.


Yorkshire bound.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  More soon.



  1. I've heard so much about this fair across blogland and it sounded really wonderful.

    'yay' to meeting Emma - she is just ever so lovely.

    Nina x

  2. Wish I could have made it there, looks wonderful. Fun to meet Emma! ( - from who's blog I have discovered yours - look forward to following your crafty adventures!)

    1. Hello there, lovely to have you here. Am just getting back into blogging after being in a funk and it's encounters like meeting Emma that make me wonder what took me so long to come back!

  3. That looked a great craft fair, and how lovely to meet a real live fellow blogger!
    Thanks for sharing about this Claire, I hadnt heard of it.
    Gill xx

  4. You have a gorgeous blog! Found you via Meet Me at Mike's and will definitely keep popping back :) Karoline

  5. looks like a really wonderful event, I keep seeing pictures of it and wishing it wasn't so far to London....... hope you had fun in Harrogate, did you go to Betty's>


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