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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Lines are parallel if they lie in the same plane,
and are the same distance apart over their entire length

(not my photo - found on Google images)
When I was at school, we were taught that parallel lines could never meet. Parallel lines remain the same distance apart over their entire length. No matter how far you extend them, they will never meet.

But I have a theory, developed over the last few years, that I am in fact leading several lives in parallel.  In the life I live, I forget people's birthdays, give people shop-bought cake, read magazines, shop too much and never make anything.  In my parallel lives, I make my own cards and remember to send them on time, I sew my own clothes and bake cookies and muffins to take to work, I write stories instead of just talking about writing them, I call my mother every day... you begin to get the picture.  And it's not just the wholesome things I fantasize about.  In a parallel life, I buy frockage from Saks (instead of just photographing it) and swan around at parties.  Or I actually learn to speak French fluently for once and for all.  I don't know - it's just a sense of roads not taken I suppose.
 (not my photo - found on Google images)
For some time now, I have wanted to introduce myself to the parallel me that's out there somewhere.  Part of the real me thinks that the parallel me would be an irritating, smug, prissy little thing that I might want to kick in the shins.  But part of the real me also knows that the parallel me might actually be living an altogether more fulfilling life.  Don't misunderstand - I love my life.  I really do.  For all sorts of reasons, I think I'm the luckiest person on the planet.  But even then, might it not be possible to discover a whole new side to yourself? 

Some of this schizophrenic thinking has led to the decision to experiment at bit.  Why not try to do some of the things my more creative alter-ego is busy doing?  Why not learn to make my own presents (that people might actually want), and bake the odd cake or make a skirt that doesn't look like it should be shredded for dusting?  In short, why not push a little here and there, step outside my comfort zone and try something new.  And in the process achieve more of an equilibrium.  Do you think that could be the opposite of equidistance?

So, what are you doing in a parallel life?  Are you a lady who lunches in Channel suits, or working in a soup kitchen?  Are you a painter or orator?  A mechanic or musician?  Do you scuba dive or ride fantasy horses?  I really would love to know.

And in an effort to make sure I get to know the parallel me a bit, I am continuing with my Happy Christmas project (note that I am following Mr. P's advice about easier letters first) AND have made another granny square:

Not sure if I'll take the sewing to Australia, but at least it'll be ready and waiting when I get back.  But I am definitely taking my crochet hook.  On that, if anyone has an easy way of changing colours, I'd love to hear about it.  I found a way which involves making a slip stitch with the new colour and then casting off the old colour loop over the slip stitch.  It works fine, but it means that all the threads are bunched up in one place in the square rather than spread out around the place making them easier to manage. 

All help gratefully received.

Oh yes, and on my walk to work today I saw...
...this Lego sign...
...made of hundreds of builders stood around in hard hats - how cool is that!...
... these amorous pigs...
... and neon pink pastrami.
I hope you don't mind me sharing my 'walk to work' photos.  It really is motivating me to get out and walk.  But I have to tell you I was late for work today because I lost track of time staring at the Lego shop....



  1. I little a 7 year old who is crazy about Lego...he loves your Lego pics! An alternative existance....I would be an academic design historian, writing, researching and teaching on what I love most. I almost did it...trained as art historian, studied to MA, was accepted for doctorate and then got a job as money was so tight. I never took up the place to study for the doctorate and that was 16 years ago...if only....

  2. Wow - that Lego sign is cool! I love stuff like that!

    I like to think that I just have one paralel life (so I guess it wouldn't be paralel would it lol) in that I am what I am - I'm not perfect, I don't try to be - I just try to be straight up with people and be honest and just be the best I can be without trying too hard at being something I know I can't (or don't want to be for that matter).

    Sometimes I ruffle a few feathers out there but that's the way it has to be sometimes - I'm just me, simply put :)

    Hope you're having a great day!



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