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Friday, February 11, 2011

Julie Andrews had a point

Today was my last day in a job that I have done for the last nine months.  This job has been challenging and I have learned a lot about myself and the way I handle stress, and manage other people - upward and downward.  I have decided to leave this job and go back to my old job.  This was not easy because it meant going down a grade again, and I always think it difficult to go back rather than go on to something else.  But this was not the job for me, so no point pretending.  Ten years ago, I would have ploughed on, making myself more unhappy in the process.  I have mixed feeling about the whole thing, but I am pleased that I now have some balance between ambition and happiness.

To mark my departure from this job, Mr. P decided that the time had come to buy me something that I first said was a gadget too far, and gradually was seduced into wanting.  Look!

So, Mr. P, thank you for your unconditional support over the last 9 months.  You are lovely and amazing, and I am a lucky lucky thing.  In at least one of my parallel lives I must have done something good.

(And thanks also for my ipad.)

And for the luddite in all of us, I give you this.  Enjoy.  I'm off to play with my new machine.


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  1. Hi Claire! Good luck in your new (old) job. It is always good to try new things even if they don't always work out. Lucky you for getting the ipad (drool!). I love the clip you linked to....very funny!!! Enjoy your weekend xxx


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