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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where crochet meets the sea

When I was little, seaside holidays were all about primus stoves and sand in your sandwiches, piled into the back of the car with my sisters, and the dog who always had bad breath. And huddling for shelter behind the rocks while the Atlantic pounded away in front of us, and my Mum rubbing the sand from our legs with a rough towel.

They do things differently here.

But it's still about hunting for weird sea creatures on the shore...

...and finding weird and wonderful rock formations...

...a getting Mr. P to sport the latest swimwear courtesy of The Rocks Push.

And in case you think it's all lolling about with no craft thoughts, I have found the most amazing project, which is (and I quote) "a woolly celebration of the intersection between high geometry and feminine handicraft". Don't you just want to meet the person who came up with THAT sentence! The Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef aims to raise awareness of the destruction of coral through the deterioration of conditions in their natural habitat. But above all, it's a display of the most fabulous crochet. I doubt I'll get to see it, but it's on at the moment at The Smithsonian in Washington DC and The Craft Council in the UK is showing a version of the same thing in Salisbury until 26 February. If anyone gets to go, I'd love to hear about it. Of course it was in New York until recently, but I was blissfully unaware. Ho hum.


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  1. I love the weird and wonderful sea creatures, and I am so pleased you mentioned that exhibition, one of the great advantages of living in DC is all the fab exhibitions they bring here.



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