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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A rush of blood to the head

Two Christmases ago, my sister bought me a scarf from Brora.

I now carry it around with me like a child with a blanket. I'm in Australia. It's hot here. But here it is with me.

It actually turned out to be pretty useful on the plane. The combination of tiredness and over-zealous air con meant that the extra warmth and comfort was just what was needed (I know - I sound like a granny...).

Anyway, inspired by this cashmere loveliness, and having mastered (sic) granny squares, I have decided to try my hand at ripple.

So, the other day, I went in search of a yarn shop and found Morris & Sons where I had a great chat with a very nice woman about my ripple scarf. There was some delicious cashmere yarn, but it was eye wateringly expensive, so I settled instead on some baby Alpaca:

So far, so good. But it didn't stop there. No.

Realising I didn't have a clue how to do ripple stitch, I had a look through the crochet books and found this: excellent book with all sorts of useful instruction and pictorial tutorials, including some great ideas on ripple. And while I was at it, I also picked out a yarn cutter...

...because yanking the lovely wool apart with my fists didn't seem quite the thing. In short, I got a bit dizzy with it all. So, when I came to pay and the very nice woman asked for an amount equivalent to the GDP of a small country, I handed over my card like the shorn sheep the yarn around me came from.

It was only after I got home and that lingering sense of over-indulgence wouldn't go away that I hit on the idea of having a look at how much these things would have cost online. Oh my goodness! How does anyone do any crafting here? Without getting into the sordid detail, for two minutes on Amazon and Clover, I averted the need to call in the IMF just yet. So, Iwill be paying Mr. Morris and his sons a visit tomorrow to return my spoils.

But I am pleased to report that the yarn was pretty much the same price here as online, so I get to keep the baby Alpaca. Good.

Am I the only one losing my head when all about me are keeping theirs?



  1. Haha!! It's all totally fine though because you're taking it back and that's the important thing. It could be worse, I had a debacle at Vom Fass in Selfridges at Christmas where I ended up paying £55 for something that was only supposed to be about £20 and was initially too embarassed to say anything!! The whole ordeal was mortifying. Hmmm....maybe there's a blog post in there.

    Good luck with your rippling!

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