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Monday, February 7, 2011

A spoonful of sugar

This morning I walked to work.  That's two miles from one side of Manhattan to the other.  Admittedly, we're not talking about marathon distances here, but it's two miles more exercise that I normally do.  There are two main reasons for this:

Reason no.1: In preparation for my trip to Australia (this Saturday - hurray!) I am becoming reacquainted with my Summer clothes.  That meant spending time over the weekend rooting in my wardrobe (I do love a good root*), unearthing things I'd forgotten I had and then parading in front of Mr. P when he was trying to watch the tellie.  I grew up in a house full of women - I am the youngest of three sisters, no brothers, and a rather stylish Mum - so I am used to having and being a more responsive audience than Mr. P in such situations.  "That's nice", "Yeah, that'll do" and "Fine" aren't really what I was looking for, but never mind.  And because I have been watching what I eat and have lost 6-8 pounds since Christmas (depending on how accurate I believe my scales to be) I can fit into most of them pretty well.  All except one pair of trousers that fit like a glove last year and that I absolutely love.  And without going into the anatomical detail, they now look a bit indecent.  So, I am determined to lose another two pounds this week.

(BTW, I am not normally so bothered about my weight, but this time last year I was about 12 pounds lighter.  Then I started a job which, shall we say, was something of a challenge, and instead of sticking to worthy soup every day, I got into the habit of eating delicious General Tso's Chicken for lunch.  Take it from me, this falls into the "moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips" school of culinary delights.  But this is my last week in this job, so I am determined to regain some of my old self, and leave the bad bits behind, including the 12 pounds I gained.)

Anyway, back to the walk.  I'm eating pretty healthily at the moment, and I don't want to go on a crash diet of cabbage soup or celery stalks, so I figure the only option left is to stride it off.  I am not at all sporty.  We have a gym in our building and I can count on two hands the number of times I have been there.  So, the two mile walk to work seems like a plan. 

And besides, there was an ulterior motive - which brings me to reason no. 2:

Every day I pass this shop on the bus to work, and every day the window display goes by too quickly, so I knew immediately the route I would take as I wove through the streets as I crossed the island.  And (obviously) they must be reading my blog, because they've caught the crafting bug too.  LOOK!

 I went back after work this evening and tried on the lovely looking top.  Only it wasn't lovely on me.  Never mind.

 And how fabulous are these?  I would love a tour around the head of the person who came up with the idea.  Coat hangers as dresses.  Of course.

And inside this evening, I saw these rather shouty cushions and chair.  It's a bit full on for me, but how fabulous to look at when it's all grey and cold outside.
And they had this amazing fantasy light which sort of just grows out of a bookshelf.
How very Miss Havisham!

And finally, for the more up-market crafter in us all, a little Chanel frock in the window of Sacks:

Such a shame the moths have had at it...


*For any Aussie readers out there, a "good root" means to rummage.  Just to clarify that I have not taken to having a bit of nookie in my cupboards...


  1. Lol at your comment about the dress and the moth eaten look! You have to ask yourself sometimes what goes through the minds of fashion designers!

    I would LOVE to come over to Manhattan - mainly cos I know Hugh Jackman lives in a fancy pants penthouse suite thingy over there and I want to camp outside it and stalk him til it hurts! I love Hugh!

    Looking at all those shop windows I can see that come fab shopping can be done too! I am instantly given an image of you, almost "Friends" like - living in Manhattan, drinking in coffee shops - I want to do it too! lol!

    I did a post once on what Friends character did fellow bloggers see themselves as - I am a total Monica!

  2. Ack I've heard so much about this Anthropologie place, it's officially on my magical list of things I want to see when I go to America (so called "magical" because it's only going to happen with magic money!)

    Great news about losing those last few lbs - I walk just over 2 miles into work and back again each day so I'm a massive proponent for getting your trainers on!

    Yeah. Superbowl. What?! I've decided, having spoken to a few people that superbowl isn't actually a good way to learn about american football because of all the ad breaks and stuff - a normal match would probably be better. From the looks of things it's really similar to rugby league. Can't say I'm that interested in that either!

  3. Hello from Yorkshire Claire! Thanks for popping over to Apples and Pears and introducing me to your lovely blog. I have really enjoyed my visit here and will definately be back. xx


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