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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And the winner is...

Thanks so much for all your thoughts on where you'd like to live.  How lovely to read about your daydreams.  The winner, chosen scientifically after much eeny meeny miney mo, is...  The Girl.   The Girl decided that she'd like to live in a tardis, which I think is a very sensible idea.  She is also about to move house, so I think maybe the cushion cover might come in handy to spruce up (sic) her new home.  All I need is an address.  I now imagine The Girl is overcome with excitement in a breathy Kate Winslet sort of way...

More later on my knitting.  It has met with mixed success.  Nothing like thinking you know better than a pattern to humble you in the end.  Now, if only I'd had the bowl, it would have been entirely different...

And because I am not really going out this week, I do not need this rather lovely knitting bag from here.

(Do you like me posting my Etsy finds?  If it annoys you, I'll stop. )


  1. Oooh what a lovely yarn bag! I definitely like seeing your etsy finds, but I'm nosy like that. Congrats to The Girl!

  2. I love seeing your finds too. Congrats to The Girl.


    Not so much breathy as loud and irritating and squealing. It will SO be the best addition to my new place EVER!


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