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Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday flower power

Hurray! It's Friday! Don't you just love Fridays! Just a quick one today as I rush out the door to work. Saw this on my way home yesterday and thought you might like it.
Isn't it just the business?
More tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend everyone. C.x


  1. Very cheerful :)

    Have a great weekend x

  2. It's beautiful! It must really have made you smile :)

  3. Yep, it most certainly is!!

    Happy weekend x

  4. Wow, fantastic!
    The type of quirky unexpectedness that makes you glad to be alive!
    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  5. Great! I guess the lack of saddle is to stop anyone riding off on it.
    By the way, last time I was in Aldeburgh I saw a couple of house crawling with builders and wondered if one of them was yours!

  6. This bloomin lovely bike would look perfect outside my wee shop! Great pic!


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