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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Only a matter of time

Hello everybody,

Mr. P and I have come to a tacit understanding about my recent flea market purchase, which involves him pretending he doesn't know about my mad woman's basket, and me pretending that I haven't noticed the new golf bag that has appeared in the house.  Besides, I now have my excuses at the ready.  It's a packing case, after all...  And if all else fails, I have "Oh, that old thing...  I've had it for aaaaaages," to fall back on.

Anyway, the House of NKK has moved on from all that.  We are now on Etsy.  Oh, yes.

Ta dah!  My first ever Etsy purchase.  Isn't he fabulous?

At 5"x5", he's petite.  But of course, quite leggy...

I'm thinking a box frame so that all his hairy loveliness doesn't get squashed behind glass.

He came from a very nice lady called Liza at Felted Fuzzies.

So, what was your first Etsy purchase?  Would love to see.

Before I go, please can someone buy these cups from here:
il_fullxfull.263742152.jpg (1024×901)

and come back and let me know.  They are absolutely adorable.  I would buy them myself, but as you all know, I have my limits...


PS - I have no affiliation with the shops.  I just like stuff.


  1. I love the idea of your "mad woman's basket"
    I went to go and buy those cups, as instructed, only to find someone had beaten me to it
    They are adorable!!

  2. What a lovely octopus. I think you're right about a box frame- it would be a shame for his tactile legginess to be hidden behind glass.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. those cups are adorable!
    love the cute fuzzy thing!
    My first etsy purchase was a beautiful fluffy pink scarf from greenrabbitdesigns - almost time to start wearing it!
    Gill xx

  4. What a darling blog! I got lost in the 6 word memoirs.
    Thanks so much for including my vintage toy tea cups!
    Best wishes,


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