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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This is not a picture

First, a reminder about my giveaway.  I'm loving your responses so far.  Still time to win the cushion with the slightly bonkers looking owl.  Every home should have one :)  All you need to do is click here or on the button to the right and leave me a comment on that post.

Second, thank you for all your support with my recent addiction to Etsy.  I see I am in good company....

Lots of photos today, and a bit of a story....

Two weekends ago, I bought a couple of pictures at the local flea market.  I haven't photographed them yet because they have been consigned to the back of a cupboard for now.  (I loved them, Mr. P did not.  Nuff said.)

Every Saturday morning, I take the bus to my writing class.  The bus stops just outside the flea market.

This is a Dangerous Thing.

This week, Mr. P has been busy getting quotations from removal companies.  (I tell you, whatever business you're in, close up shop immediately and open up a removal company in Manhattan.)

So, last Saturday, before I set off for my writing class, Mr. P and I had a Serious Discussion about how every cubic foot would cost $10 to ship.  We agreed that there was to be no more buying of fripperies until we arrived at our house by the sea.

The last words from Mr. P before I left the flat were: "No more pictures."

"Right," I said.  "Got it," I said.

When I arrived at my stop, I had ten minutes to spare before my class.  Just a couple of stalls, I told myself.  Not even the stalls further in where I've found stuff before...  How much harm can it be to just kill time before I spend the morning studying?

And then I found this:

Totally mad.  And I had to have it.  You will understand, I'm sure.

I mean, really, it has houses on and everything.

Surely a basket to move house with?

Okay, so it's a bit battered.  But it's quite nicely made.

I did dither a bit over it.  Mr. P's voice was rumbling away somewhere in my head.

But the thing that clinched it was this:

The year I was born...  (It's a sign!)

And there you have it.  I was true to my word.  This is not a picture.



  1. The coin is ABSOLUTELY a sign that it had to be yours. It would make a lovely project basket for yarn or a sewing box, perhaps? You can never have too much storage, after all.

  2. It's gorgeous!!
    Writing class?
    That sounds interesting!

  3. Lovely, and you can put things in it for moving so it is like it is taking up very little space really. - Annie

  4. I love it, and the fact that it is battered makes it even more charming :)

  5. Perfect hand luggage! You were so right to buy it - it's adorable.

  6. That won't take up room - it is practically a packing case. No it was meant for you and you alone. It will look wonderful in your house by the sea x

  7. It is a handy item in which other items, which would otherwise need boxing, can be packed for the move ... how could you resist!

  8. Both the basket & the vision of Mr P's face- made me laugh out loud! How did you explain it?

  9. Of course you had to have it - as you say, there was a sign!
    Its so sweet!
    Gill xx


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