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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Yes, but think of the bunions...

A very photo-rich post today.  But before I begin, I just loved your six word memoirs. I just knew you'd get it!  And welcome, welcome, to new followers.  It's lovely to have you here!

 So, a few weeks ago, the glitterati descended on New York for this:

Fashion week is HUGE here. I'd never bothered with it before, but somehow, knowing we're leaving soon, I have the urge to do all sorts of things we haven't already done. Needless to say, we didn't have front row tickets to the Armani show or anything, but we are lucky enough to live near Lincoln Centre, we we wandered up to gawk one afternoon.

Oh my! Even Mr. P was fascinated.  (No, this isn't us....)

It really was the most wonderful mix of the bizarre and the beautiful.

But what fascinated me, and kept me there with my mouth open long after it was dignified, were the shoes.

First an admission:  I have foot envy.  All my life, I have wanted to parade around in strappy sandals and high heels.  But I have long since accepted that this is not to be.  I wear Sensible Shoes.  I have been known to put a whole outfit on and then change because I have no shoes I can walk in that even vaguely go with the first thing I try on.  In short, my feet are the bane of my life.

So, you will understand when I tell you that I am bit obsessed with what other people manage to teeter around the place in.

 Even the men's shoes were, well, stare-worthy...

But my absolute favourite was this combination:

A journalist whose job it was to record what the clackers were wearing on their feet.  Could she be any more contemptuous?!

And isn't this fab?

I just love this.  Pretty sure it's Marc Jacobs.  I would love this dress just to hang on my wall like a piece of art.  I would wear it, but as my mother would say, where would you be going in it?

And, as if all that wasn't enough to tantalise me, I walked past Dylan's Candy Store the other day and these were in the window:

All made of sweets.  Bonkers.

So, there you have it.  Shoes and the City.  Enjoy!



  1. I have shoe envy, too. I cannot do heels and I find it amazing that women can walk around in the shoes you photographed. I had a colleague who wore shoes like that all the time. She assured me they were as comfy as slippers. Hmmm. I'm slightly disappointed that you aren't the couple with the furry legwarmers!!

  2. Great photos! I love those shoes but they do rather could always go for the pink crocs with the furry legwarmers?!

  3. What a brilliant post to wake up to ... candy shoes !!!! I have arthritis in my feet so sadly it's sensible shoes all the way for me ... I've been walking the dogs in Crocs all summer.

  4. Are you sure that isn't you and your man, that's just how I imagine you to look you know?!

    I love shoes too, but there's no way I can teeter in anything like those. I've never been able to, my legs go all dodgy and I stagger about like a new foal or a drunkard. Hmm, I've just realised where I've been going wrong!

  5. I learned long ago that 2.5 inches is my absolute max for heels -- anything else I have to enjoy as sculpture, not footwear.

    But thank heavens for Zappos and DSW, I can limit my shoe searches by size and heel height with them. Saves me all sorts of sad shoe envy.

  6. I am with you on the sensible shoes, I have a friend who manages in those great high heels and I am always slightly in awe of how she manages. But for me I just admire them from afar.


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