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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Evening With Prints Charming

Hello everybody,

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my book diet.  I am glad I am not alone in my book-buying habits (though I suspect that you are more disciplined in actaully reading them than I am...).  In truth, I have no idea how long it will be before I fall off the wagon, but there's a definite element of "I've told you now so I have to do it" going on here.  Will keep you posted.

Just a short teaser post today.  I am spending the evening with Prints Charming tonight.  Mr. P. need not worry - this is not a typo.  Prints Charming is a delightful duo from Australia who specialise in modern contemporary craft.

And they are coming to New York.  Hurray!

They are teaching an embroidery class at Purl Soho this evening and I have booked a place.

According to the blurb, "I will learn how Cath and Kristen combine basic stitches with a variety of thread types to create Prints Charming's signature playful modern style. I'll be treated to a fascinating demonstration of their untraditional free form embroidery approach, and finally, I will try my own hand at creating my very own interpretive embroidery masterpiece!" Yes indeed.

I wonder how much experience they have working with the craftily-challenged...

Apart from the delight of visiting Purl Soho, and taking myself out of my comfort zone for a few hours (what, no words to write?), this is about squeezing the last rich experiences out of the time we have left in New York (not long now).  And it's also about actually learning how to embroider so that I can tackle this lovely project in the winter months ahead when we're installed in our house by the sea:

I bought the kit awhile back from the lovely Alicia Paulson and have been too intimidated to even open the envelope.  It's too beautiful to make a hash of, and I want to curtail my usual learning process of just diving head long into it, cursing a lot and ripping it over and over before I have something half way reasonable.

I'll let you know how I get on.


Edited to say that all images come from the Prints Charming website here.


  1. Good Luck- it sounds like a fun evening. Please tell us all about it tomorrow!

  2. Oh my goodness, once again I am super jealous that you can go to Purl Soho! Hope you have a fabulous evening.

  3. Love the kit you bought- looks incredible!
    Hope the class is great.

  4. I have admired that kit too, doesn't it look fabulous! I'm sure you will have a great time with the Aussies and totally do justice to your alphabet :-)

  5. Such delicate embroidery - it all looks rather fabulous.

    Nina x

  6. Mmmm - love those birds so much - almost enough to get out the embroidery hoops! I smiled when I saw that alphabet - so many of my lovely friends have bought that and enjoyed creating it. I hope that you find the confidence to open it and enjoy it too.

  7. That sampler from Alicia looks so so pretty - no wonder you have been tempted to sign up for that wonderful looking class!


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