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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No turning back now

You know what it's like when you decide to sort out a particularly untidy cupboard or room.  You go at it with great gusto, putting everything out on the bed, delighted at your decision.

You sort and you fold and you makes piles of things to give away.  It's all very satisfying.

But there comes a point (or at least there always comes a point with me) where everything's a mess and the day is getting on and you really wonder whether it was a good idea to have started all this change lark or whether it might have been better to have closed the door and left it for another day.

But it's too late now, so the very best thing is always just to plough on and either find the partner of the stray sock in your hand or accept that the washing machine has eaten it, so you may as well throw the sock in your hand away.

And when it's all sorted, how pleased you are that you now have a tidy cupboard and you are left to wonder why on earth you hadn't tackled it sooner.

All over our house by the sea, we are at just that point where the enormity of what we've taken on threatens to overwhelm me.

But in among the chaos, there are glorious signs that the decision to smarten up the place will be worth it.

And we are tantalisingly close to the prettifying stage....

If anyone needs to source tiles and paint, I'm your woman.



  1. You're at the exciting bit now- keep going, it'll be wonderful when it's all finished!

  2. Ooh, congratulations on your new home. I have some flooring just like that! I love a bit of investigating - tiles, paint, furniture, cushions, I could go on. Can't wait to see your progress. Enjoy. xx

  3. I do hope you stay on the right side of overwhelmed and can fully enjoy the excitement of making your new home your own. I'm sure it is all going to be lovely when you're done x

  4. You will get there, and you'll soon be able to look back and laugh about the stressful bits.

  5. I think you're at the "hump" stage. Once you're over the hump, it'll look better.

    Love love love little hexagonal mosaic tiles.

  6. Ha I completely know what you mean! I remember that stage well when I moved in a couple of weeks ago. I was about 2/3 hours into unpacking and there was just crap everywhere and I could feel the panic rising but I ploughed on and then before I knew it there was order restored again. I can only imagine the sense of panic when there's a whole house involved!

  7. Parquet flooring! Wow, my house is a tip at the moment and we moved in one and a half years ago, we have reached an all time low, no heating, windows half finished, shutters away somewhere so the windows have paper blinds and all the plaster crumbling away on the walls where we have ripped bits out. However, in my head I can see the end product and I can't wait. Your house is already looking beautiful, all that light, I am sure it will be done in a flash. - Annie

  8. You describe it all excatly! I know that feeling so well!
    It will all be so worth it after the hard work, and finding things like the parquet flooring must have been a thrill - hope you found it in good condition when you lifted the carpet.
    The best is yet to come!
    How exciting it must all be (as well as exhausting!)
    Gill xx

  9. My kitchen looks like the top picture all of the time (or so it seems!). Oooo enjoy the lovely creativity of it all and end each day thinking of what you have already achieved! xxx

  10. It'll be great when its done and looking on the bright side, I guess you are not actually living there while the work is being done. Top tip for Aldeburgh is MCT Electrical - a treasure trove of household and electrical stuff. (My daughter is the Saturday girl.)
    I will add you to my twitter list too.


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