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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Loopy Mango

Last weekend was the annual NYC Yarn Crawl.  My first thought when I read about this was that I wished all of you lived around the corner so we could all go together.  As it was, I managed to visit two shops over the weekend.  It was the perfect excuse to visit Purl Soho again.  But I also found a fab new shop called Loopy Mango.  Oh gosh, what a treasure trove!  Yes, it sells wool.  But so, so much more.  It's like the best finds on every flea market stall you've ever visited AND wool.  How cool is that!

The wool is in a back room flooded with natural light from a glass roof.  And there I found this lovely woman, casting on with the biggest needles I'd ever seen.  Really quite Alice in Wonderland...

She was about to make this rug. 

It seems there's a bit of a craze for these at the moment ....

Image from Purl Bee
Isn't that just beautiful?

Anyway, there were lots of treats at every turn, including these lovely craft books...

...and these rather lovely camels (every home should have one)...

...and cloth dolls and china...

... and clothing and cushions....

... and just about everything you might need to prettify a house by the sea (just a random example...)

And guess what?

I didn't buy a thing.  (Mr. P. I do hope you're reading this.)

We have builders and plumbers and electricians and all manner of people working away on our house at the moment.  And the thought of the money involved has put a halt to my gallop (for now at least).  There will be time enough for prettifying when we have actually paid for the roof over our heads.

(Gosh, how wise I am...)

PS If you ever come to New York, remember the NYC Yarn Crawl site - it's the best all in one resource for where the yarn shops of the city can be found.


  1. I am impressed that you bought nothing! Those big knitting needles were/are a bit scary don't you think?

  2. Wow!!! That looks incredible!! I so want to go there!!
    Nice self control with the not buying anything!!

  3. What an amazing shop! You must have very strong self-control not to buy anything. I am *so* jealous you have been to Purl Soho. It's one of my dearest wishes to go there, it looks fabulous.

  4. Oh my I want to do the yarn crawl. I will have to come up to NY soon. I also want to look as glamorous as that lady when I am knitting.

  5. love love love this and the previous post... how chic does the lady with the huge knitting needles look! this is why you can't move back to Britain... who wouls provide all this New York gorgeousness if you did?

  6. Oh my giddy aunt. That shop! I would give my eye teeth to have a chance to go in there!

  7. Thank you so much for such a lovely review of our store! We are so happy you discovered Loopy Mango.


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