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Monday, October 31, 2011

Push and pull

I'm having a real battle with myself at the moment.  Part of me is in England, mentally decorating my house and wanting to supervise the builders and rush around putting everything in order.  But another part is here, wanting to make the most of our last days in New York.  And the part that's here also knows that there's work to be done, packing up the house and finishing everything off at work, while really what I want to be doing is gadding about the place.

On Saturday, helped by the apocalyptic weather, it was all about staying in and sorting things out and putting things in black bags for the bin men and generally getting to the bottom of what we want to take.  But Sunday was definitely a gadding about day.

I wanted to go to the Highline.  The Highline is a garden created using a disused elevated railway that for years was a decaying blot on the landscape.  Apparently, it would have cost more to dismantle and dispose of than to regenerate it, so someone came up with the idea of creating a park along the railway line.  And it's just lovely.

Image from here

We'd been before awhile back but I wanted to go again for the views of the river and the Avenue below.

And to go past one of my favourite buildings in New York: the Standard Hotel.

I'm really not sure why I like it so much.  But something about its structure reminds me of a book.  You get a better sense of it here:

I know.  Not at all pretty, but I like it.

We had brunch first in the diner style restaurant on the ground floor.

All rather lovely.  And the kissing dogs salt and pepper pots offered just the right amount of cheesiness....

Fortified with decadent doughnuts...

... we set off towards the Highline.  And it was CLOSED.  Bummer.  No reason given, but it might have been down to Saturday's bad weather.

So we cut our losses and went to Chelsea Market.

And all the while at home, there was a loin of pork cooking away.  Mr. P's latest obsession is Lorraine Pasquale.  So in an effort to use up a joint that has been in our freezer for ages, for dinner we tried her slow roast pork recipe.  And yes, it was amazing...

AND (cue drum roll) I am sewing in the ends of my wavery ripple scarf.  Hurray.  Full reveal when it's all sewn in and blocked.  (Don't hold your breath - way too much going on at the moment.)  Here's a sneak peak.

Back at work today.  That should put a halt to my gallop.



  1. What a lovely day, I love seeing how other people spend a day in a city...

  2. How lovely to have you back in the unseasonable weather. I am going to have to visit New York again soon it looks so pretty. The scarf is looking pretty good to, can't wait for the big reveal.

  3. That railway park looks amazing- bummer it was shut!!!! I love the dog salt and pepper shakers as well.
    Good luck with your last days in NY and all your organising and packing

  4. Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Don't leave! I have a plan, I'll take over the house by the sea and you stay in Manhattan... I'm joking of course. LOVE this post and the photos. The highline park has been developed since our last visit to New York and I'm really looking forward to seeing it when we next visit. We are hoping to do the NY marathon again next year! Yikes, I haven't ran past 4 miles for a year or so and don't relish the training, but if it gets me back to NYC then that will spur me on. Ohhhh, enjoy yourself and your last few days in the city and I wish you much happiness on your new adventure x.
    ps. should you discover that the adorable telephone table just doesn't go in your new hallway, please feel free to send it my way!!

  5. It must be a funny time for you at the moment, mixed emotions. I have just discovered Lorraine Pascale, and made Rioja braised lamb shanks at the weekend, they were gorgeous. I must look up the slow roast pork too, it looks yummy! Good luck with the move and all, and well done with the scarf! Love Linda x


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