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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not a great first date

First, just to let you know that service from the house of NKK will be intermittent at best in the next few weeks.  Posts will be random and commentary on all your lovely blogs will likely be lacking.  For tomorrow, we are off to see our house by the sea.  Hurray!  Then back for three weeks and then sailing out for good.  It'll be a bit of a roller coaster ride.

Okay, so to my date with Prints Charming.   I have such a feast of colour for you today. 

You will be pleased to know that I did not let you down.  I did not swear once (well, not out loud anyway...).  As to the rest...

It was not a very auspicious start.  I arrived 45 minutes late.  I hate being late.  I am rarely so.  My only excuse is that my life is even more chaotic than usual at the moment.  So, I got the dunce's chair rammed into the back corner with the edge of the table and the table leg to contend with.  Not so good.

Luckily the lovely women of Prints Charming allowed me to think it was no big deal and chatted away while I got my act together.   

I am left handed.  When it comes to hand sewing, this usually makes your average right handed seamstress run away screaming.    But they managed to remain quite composed.  I kept forgetting to tie the knot to start a stitch, so it kept slipping through.  No cursing please.  Big sigh and start again.  

What really killed me was the chain stitch.  I understood completely the theory, but I kept forgetting to anchor each stitch so that it all came unravelled in a most annoying way.  (You are allowed to laugh, by the way.  I won't be the least offended.)It wasn't helped by the fact that I kept getting distracted, wanting to take photos of all the lovely treats they'd bought with them and had strewn around the place.

And I was mesmerised by the detail of the sample work everywhere.

Not to mention the teacher's necklace.

But it seems there really is no short cut to the swear a lot/rip it/start again mode of learning that I have developed this year.

Undaunted, I came away armed with two instruction books (hurray - there's a book for it!).

And after much consideration on colour choice, these lovely threads.

They will be used to adorn (sic) this lovely blue bird.

You will understand from the scraggy bits of thread messing up the place that I already have plans in the swearing/rip it out/start again department.

More soon I hope from our house by the sea!



  1. Looks amazing!!!
    Good luck with the back and forth

  2. Fabulous colours, you will keep us updated on your progress won't you? I know that it's going to look amazing!
    Have fun at the sea.

  3. The workshop sounds fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your finished embroidery :-)

  4. What amazing work, does it have a specific name?

  5. Very pretty :D Safe journey x

  6. What wonderful embroidery. Makes me want to get my work out again - I had a hanky embroidering fetish for a while!

  7. Yep you made me want to get out the embriodery floss again......haven't touched it in ages. That class looked great :-)

  8. What a feast for the eyes Claire - some fabulous embroidery and lovely bright volours - it must have been a great class, hope you had fun!
    Good luck with the blue bird - love your colour choices.
    Hope you have a great time at the new house.

  9. It all looks so pretty! The colors, the designs... I love what you made here!

    About NY; too bad I couldn't make it to the market on the weekend, I left on Wednesday. Thank you for the tip though, I will remember that for a next visit!

    Love, Maaike


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