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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cheery stripes

I'm more of a circles than stripes person (more of that another time), but our amazing holiday is coming to an end (suspect you'll be hearing about Australia for a little while yet), so I wanted to post about something very Summery to prolong the holiday feeling.

Deck chairs! Nothing says sunshine to me more than an old fashioned deck chair. And next to the Townhall in Sydney, there are deck chairs for use by the public when the sun and the city gets too much.

How cool is that!

And while I'm at it, I thought I'd show you this lovely fabric from a shop there selling French flea Market type stuff called Ici et La (wish I'd taken more photos in there, but sometimes I get a little shy of asking.)

And all of this reminds me of a lovely day Mr P and I spent in Lyme Regis last Summer where these couple of deck chairs seemed so quintessentially English...

When we left New York three weeks ago, the weather was like this:

It's been so lovely being in the sunshine of Summer in February and I've been reading wistfully about all the Spring loveliness in Europe on everyone's blogs. So I'm really hoping that when we get home Spring will have remembered to come to New York too.

And if you have a hankering after a deck chair, or even just some fabric, then check out this website. The colour injection alone will make it worth the visit.

Off to catch my flight now.



  1. I am mad about stripes!!! My son has been dressed almost head to toe in stripes since he was born, although at 7 he himself is more into Lego and Starwars T shirts. I remember many years ago, when I had my first little flat, I painted a very old table and chairs bright red and covered the chair seats in deck chair fabric!!!! Your lovely post reminded me of that xxx

  2. Stripes is such a nicer blend of color compared to solid colors. Stripes gives things more life. I have striped shoes and stripped pajamas. Almost everything I own is striped.


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