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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Woman meets machine


I made that.  All by myself.  No need to rip and start again.  First time.  With a sewing machine and everything.  Me.  Yes indeed.  I'm so clever I could skip.

Okay, now that that shameless bragging is out of the way, let me tell you.  I went to my sewing class yesterday all excited.  I got there 20 minutes early and hung around outside nervously waiting to be let in.  Everyone arrived and we all settled down while the teacher went over everything she'd already explained about machines last week.  (The woman has the patience of a kindergarten teacher.)  She gave us scraps to practice on first.  I would show you this practice piece if my sampler looked like the woman's next to me, with neat rows of all the machine's stitches as she went through the settings one by one.  My sampler looked different to that.  A bit challenged really.  Random bits of stitching all over the place.  Still, I got there somehow without injuring myself or breaking the machine.  And then at some point the teacher told us to take out our fabric that we'd cut last week and start to sew the bottoms of the fabric for the inner pockets together.  So that's what we did.  After that, it went by in a bit of a blur with only the odd hiccup.  (Note to self: never sew with the foot raised.)  And by the end of class I had this:
I could tell you the million and one things that are wrong with it and what I might try to do differently next time.  But mostly I want to come round to your house with it so that you can see it for yourself and  ooh and aah and tell me your stories about how you learnt to sew and what a lovely bag this is going to be.  Oh yes, and how clever I am...

Of course, this is only the inner lining of the bag.  The apple print fabric will be on the outside with the dotty fabric making an outside pocket.  But when I open the bag and look inside, this is what I'll see:
The dotty lining with two apple pockets.  Sweet, no?

Last class next week where we make the outer bag and the strap and put it all together.   So expect more shameless bragging then.



  1. That is fantastic!!! I absolutely love the fabric. Worried now that you will see how badly made the crochet hook roll is when you get it!!!! xx

  2. Well done. I am so happy that you are pleased with your effort.

  3. Well done - don't you think it is an immense achievement when we learn something new in our 20s/30s? (ok, I am only just still in my 30s!) You should be very proud of yourself. Can't wait to see the bag once it's finished. Love the fabric too. x

  4. Bragging definitely permissible - well done you!

  5. Brilliant!! Bragging absolutely essential! Looking forward to seeing the finished bag. Love the fabrics.

  6. Its brillaint Clsire - well done you!Cant wait to see the finished bag!
    Sorry i didnt leave a comment in time to tell you about your award - Congratulations, you have a great blog!
    Just copy the blog award logo from my post and then pass the award on to a few others, linking back to my blog - sorry I should have posted the instructions - will add a PS so people know what to do!
    Have a great evening!
    Gill xx

  7. It looks fab. I wouldn't be able to tell you stories of how I learnt to sew as I never have and I'm so envious of people who can. I should really take a leaf out of your book and learn. I love the fabric too, it's going to look gorgeous when it's finished.


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