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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not quite slack Alice

You might be forgiven for thinking that this blog has lost its way somewhat in the last few weeks, and should really come clean with its intention to tell you little about my attempts at crafting and lots about my gallivanting and my capacity to drink coffee and shop.   But I have been a little less idle than that.  Really.

Remember this?

Well, now I have made these!

Nine whole squares!  Okay, so they probably wouldn't withstand too close an inspection from the crochet police, but I think they're pretty good.  A king size blanket is out of the question - I would have to give up work, or eating. or sleeping, or pretty much anything else and just crochet until I was 489 and still not finish it.  But I have a throw that I measured these against, and by my estimation I would need over 200 to reach that size.  Still very daunting.  But we'll see.  For now, I'm just going to concentrate on making a square when the mood takes me.  And if all I end up with is a cushion cover, then so be it.

I also felt spurred on by my knitting fit... try my hand at something with two needles.  And I have made this:
Yes indeed.  It will be completely obvious what this is.  But just in case...
Still none the wiser?  Well. its supposed to be a coffee cosy.  The trouble is, I'm not sure I have any cups the right shape.  Here it is on a glass...
Yes, well...  I can claim no credit for the pattern.  I found it in a book that I'd bought for a friend, and came across the pattern as I was flicking through it.  It really is a lovely book.

Even if, perhaps, knitting is not its forte.  Or mine, come to that...

I got the lovely shiny buttons in a really fab shop that I need to blog about another time.  But now, we are getting on with it in the house of noknittedknickers.  We are washing...
... and determined to find some Spring on this grey, grey day...

There's a definite air of back to school.  Work tomorrow.

A lovely holiday, now over.

Hope you have a good week.



  1. Excellent work on the crochet front! My advice would be not to focus on the end goal too much, just keep going and soon you might find that you've been bitten by the bug and can't stop for the life of you!

    Hope the holiday blues haven't hit you yet.

  2. Lovely have some fantastic crockery!!! Loving that mug. What a fantastic trip you have had!! About the crochet throw...I sort of cheated a bit with my first afghan by making it in many grannies joined together and then bordering the whole thing with a few rows of crochet. Then I made several of these panels and eventually joined them all together. It was like making mini blankets but seemed to make the idea of a full sized blanket easier to manage. You can see it here..

    Enjoy your week xx

  3. Just found your blog. Good luck with the crochet, keep going and before you know it you will have finished the throw! I learnt to crochet last year and I know how you feel - everything seems to take so long to start off. x

  4. What a lovely post! I really like your crochet-along-story and the blue-white squares are really beautiful. Wonderful flowers, cup and other items as well!
    Have a great week,
    love Maaike


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