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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

When only a pork pie will do

We love living in Manhattan.  Five minutes from our door there's a row of restaurants selling pretty much every cuisine under the sun.  We are utterly spoilt for choice when it comes to eating out, and the only taxing part is the choosing, and having the discipline to stay in once in awhile... 

But every now and again, maybe on a cold or rainy day, or maybe when one of us is feeling a bit homesick, or maybe just for the hell of it as we did last Sunday, we will find ourselves by 'accident' in the West Village at a shop on Hudson Street that's done out like a 1950s English grocers.

Forever England...

To give you an idea of the kind of territory we're in, the West Village is not just any old run of the mill neighbourhood; the grocery shop is a couple of streets away from this:

We're talking seriously chi-chi.  But Myers of Keswick is resolutely, self-consciously, old world.

I could tell you we go there for the tea...

... or the sweets we used to eat as children...

 ...or the rather fab brown betty teapots...

... or the inevitable tins of beans...

... or the syrup and treacle....

...but none of that is quite it really.  We have our own private dance in this shop, Mr. P and I, where I will tell him that I'm there for the Fairy Liquid (I find the washing up liquid here a bit cloying) and he will tell me that he's there for the marmite.  But we both know why he's really there.  And that's just fine.

Me?  I'm there for the custard....

(And just in case you're curious, we have no affiliation with the store, but I really feel we should have.  For the amount we spend in there, we must be entitled to some shares by now...)



  1. Great shop! I expect the prices are somewhat steep though being all imported goods or is it? I wouldn't know I'm just guessing :) I would be there for pork pie, HP sauce, Marmite, sausage rolls, scotch eggs - my list would be endless (this is cos I'm a greedy piggy!!!) :)

  2. What a brilliant shop!!! Are there many Brits in NY? Wonder what the Americans make of it. It looks like something out of Beamish museum! xx

  3. I got completely caught up in your enthusiasm then - I was getting giddy going "Argh! Baked beans!" and then remembered that it's all ok, I actually LIVE in England, I can get these all the time. Can only imagine how exciting it must be for you!

  4. Wow what a fantastic shop!!! How wonderful that you can get the best of British in one shop right on your doorstep in Manhattan, whereas we have to troll around a large supermarket trying to find such special British stuff amongst all the foreign stuff!
    Seriously, we are lucky to have a choice! Havent seen one of those red tins of Lyles Black Treacle for an age!!!
    Have a great day

  5. What a fantastic shop, I'm not surprised you're in raptures about having it there. The buyers obviously know their stuff, Yorkshire Tea is the best in my opinion!

    Thanks for popping over to my blog and for the lovely comment.

    Kate x

  6. It looks more British than any shop here. I think the thing I would miss most would be Cadbury's chocolate.

  7. Me I miss the marmalade. We have an "English" section in our supermarket here and I always stop and look at the marvelous things I am missing from home, Hob Nobs, Vimto, and Wheatbix are all there on the shelf just crying out to me. I linger for a while then R pulls me away to finish the weekly shop.

  8. Mmmmmmm - Yorkshire tea and Sherbet dib dabs!


    Nina xxx

    ps. hope the snow isn't too bad? Nx


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