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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More blue than blue...

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my bag.  I still haven't quite got over the fact that I made it, and have it hanging by my bed so that I can see it when I wake up in the mornings.  (I used to do that with shiny new shoes when I was a kid...)  And welcome welcome to those who have visited noknittedknickers for the first time in recent days.  Lovely to have you here.

So, after the excitement of the bag creation, I thought I'd update you on progress with my granny squares.  (Spurred on by my fab new hook roll, I had a go at ripple at the weekend, but made the foundation stitch too short to be much of anything, so will not be blogging/bragging about that just now...)

I couldn't figure out why I wasn't as enthusiastic about the granny square business as I might be.  I thought it was because the inner circle is still a bit of a struggle, and I've had to rip each centre out and start again several times before it feels right.  (I really need to sit down and watch the videos again.)  But then I worked 6 centres one after another a couple of weekends ago until I got the hang of it, so I knew that wasn't really it.  In truth, I was having doubts about my colour choice.  Somehow, it looked a bit, well, lacklustre to me.  I was wondering about adding the odd splash of red or pink to liven it up - sooner or later red or pink creeps into pretty much every colour scheme in my house.... But then on Saturday, I spied this bright light blue yarn  (centre right)...

... among the more sedate blues and greys in the yarn shop and I knew I'd found the solution.  All that was needed was a pop of colour to set off the more reserved palate.  Before I knew it I'd finished off the 6 centres and finished my first ever ball of white (see it looking a bit lost and forlorn in the top left of the picture?

So, now I'm back to feeling enthusiastic about it all.  Doesn't it look suspiciously like the beginnings of a blanket?  And isn't that bright light blue just the thing that was needed?  I think so.

I have 17 squares now.  Not brag-worthy, but maybe the beginning of something big.

And no need to remind me of my bragging about sewing in the ends.  I've promised myself I'll do that when I finish my first white ball of yarn... (no, really...)

For now, I'm quite happy to make a pancake stack of the squares and marvel.

My new favourite...
The bright blue is Cascade 220 in Anis (colour code 8908).  And it's delicious.



  1. They are just gorgeous!!!! I agree about needing a colour that pops or zings. It adds interest. Lovely colour choice! xx

  2. The new zingy blue does lift it all, wonderful.

  3. Hurray!! It's so cool hearing someone talk about their first granny square love - oooooh it takes me back!

    Also, can I be awful and say that I'm just a little bit pleased that I'm not the only person that has struggled initially with a ripple? I felt I was in the remedial class all by myself!

    The bright blue was a great choice, just a subtle little zing here and there is defintitely what was needed.

  4. I love the colours you're using and that bright blue goes very well there, looking forward to seeing your finished project.

  5. The squares are looking fab and I have that exact same shade, Anis, in my stash!

  6. Those colours look great together and you were so right to add that zingy blue. Keep making those squares, before you know it you'll have made a blanket. x

  7. Wow those colours are lovely! I find with granny squares it helps to crochet the ends in as I go along, so when I end a colour row I lay the last colour thread along the places where I'm next going to crochet so it gets weaved in as I'm going along. Does that make sense? If not send me a message and I'll try to explain it a bit better! It makes it a bit easier then, because I only have the very last thread to weave in!

    Samantha x

  8. Thanks for the comment Claire. I tell you, there is nothing like sewing in the last end and laying your blanket on the floor and just staring at it in wonder that you have created something so beautiful!!! Keep at it and you will be addicted. I am :) xx

  9. Oh YES, the bright blue is perfect (not to mention one of my favourite colours)!

  10. OMG! I love these colours, absolutely perfect! ur from Northern ireland? im from co armagh but live in the big smoke in belfast :p i know a guy from my village who moved to manhattan. Hes gorgeous too :p

  11. Hi Claire!
    Those babies are looking good!!!
    Isnt it just so satisfying to stack them neatly, and lay them this way and that way....
    You are so right with that bright turquoisy blue - it is the perfect pop to offset the others!
    Keep going......


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