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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brooklyn flea

Across the East River from Manhattan, Brooklyn is something of the cooler, inde younger sister to its sleek, sophisticated older sibling.  And every time we go, I wish we spent more time there.  But Manhattan creates its own bubble around its residents (think of that episode from Sex and the City where Miranda meets a guy who hasn't left the island in ten years...), so we don't make it over the river as often as we should.  But last weekend, in the first watery rays of a Spring Sunday, we ventured out to the first outdoor weekend of the Brooklyn Flea Market.  Normally, the Flea occupies a school at the weekends, but from April to November, it'll occupy a new outdoor space in trendy Williamsburg (or B'burg to those in the know).  Even the dogs are too-cool-for-school in B'burg...

Not my dog...

We got there early, with a long suffering Mr. P wondering what could possibly be so good as to get him out of bed on a Sunday morning.  Even if he's still wondering, I wasn't disappointed.  The Flea has everything a girl could wish for and more,  advertising itself as a mix of vintage, antique, handmade, and food vendors.  And it delivers...

Great second hand book stalls...

The ever-present granny blanket...

... dapper bowtie stalls...

...with knitted ties too...

And several things I'm coveting still even though I left them behind...

... and some quirky, bizarre stuff (strong man anyone?)...

In the end I confined myself to two things that I couldn't leave behind.  This 'my first embroidery sample' little picture seemed to call to me.  It's a bit grubby so I'm wondering how I might clean it up without ruining it (all suggestions welcome).

And this lovely old cushion cover, which the seller informed me was both hand spun and hand dyed.  Even if that's not true, I just love the colour combination and design.

I suspect I'll be making lots of trips over the river as the weather warms up. 



  1. I love the things you bought!!! I would love to go to that market...there is just something so enjoyable about a good rummage!!! Re the could try milk. Just put some milk on a soft sponge and dab it on, then rinse it with water the same way. If the stitching is colourfast, you can wash it gently in some detergent...but you would near to be sure it is colourfast first xx

  2. Oooo I've been to B'burg. That market looks fab. My predominant memory is of a man walking down the street in an indie suit with one of the trouser legs rolled up to half way up his calf.

  3. Looks like you could pick up some great bargains there. How cute is that little dog?

  4. Lovely finds! Envy you having a flea market so close by. Try washing the sampler in cold water in case not colour fast and add some salt to the water. And dry flat in case of colour runs. Hope this helps!

  5. That looks a great place Clare - no wonder you couldnt resist going!
    You got some fab buys there - i love that cushion cover, the colours are so so beautiful, the bright cersie with the turquoise blues against the grey, and with the touch of zest!
    Re the sampler - it is so bright and pretty in a naive way, am no expert when it come to cleaning but have tried lemon juice and sunlight with a reasonable success on brightening white, but would worry what that might do to those bright colours. With more robust stuff it goes in the Napisan!
    Both Andrea's and Harriet's suggestions sound well worth a try.

  6. Lovely stuff and that cushion cover us amazing!
    have a great weekend,
    love Maaike

  7. The author of the book in the foreground of your picture of the bookstall (Patrick Leigh Fermour) is great, loved "A Time of Gifts"

    Looks like a fabulous market, very jealous!


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