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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dandelion clocks and DIY

I seem to remember that Easter was the time when DIY stores in the UK went into a frenzy of advertising, as if the resurrection took place so that we could all re-tile the bathroom.  While our tiling days are yet before us in the house of NKK, we have been dabbling in a spot of DIY nonetheless.  Mr. P has been picture framing.

I can't get enough of these old LIFE magazines and have amassed quite a collection now.  But this one is  so trippy that it makes me smile every time I see it.

I indulged in a spot of 'styling' when we hung it up.  So now it hangs above a rather uninspiring tallboy from Ikea that used to live with the lid up revealing a mirror and lots of clutter that had accumulated in the shallow tray underneath.  But now I have closed the flap of the top of the tallboy and put together a jug I found for 20p in a car boot sale last week, and a bowl from Anthropologie that I bought awhile back to keep my earrings in (when I remember).

It's really transformed that corner of the room and now the lovely tile that used to hang gamely trying to hold its own against all that magnolia paint in our rented apartment has some company.

The tile is by Xenia Taler who has nothing to do with the other kind of tiling that goes on at this time of year...

I've been reading that England is awash with dandelion seeds.  So I thought you might like to see this lovely thing, also found last week.  (Okay, so I exaggerated when I said that we did nothing but house-hunting...)

Isn't it just lovely?  I just love dandelion clocks.  It's resin.  How do they do that?

Happy Easter everyone.



  1. Just lovely!!! You have some gorgeous the mag picture (very trippy!), love the little scandi-looking bowl, love (love, love) the tile. All very gorgeous. And the paperweight...I bought exactly the same one for my sister some years ago!!!! I have a real passion for paperweights and this one is particularly lovely. Thanks for sharing your lovely things xx

  2. I have object envy. First it was that amazing orange vase in your last post and now your 20p jug. Lovely lovely, I need to go to more car boot sales.

  3. How do they do that???? i love it! Your framed Life cover is delightful. Happy day to you. xo


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