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Friday, April 22, 2011

Home sweet home


I have clearly gone into nesting overdrive since we found our house.    And today I made this.  I had these lovely buttons among the treats I bought in Sydney at All Buttons Great and Small which I wrote about here.

And a lovely old jumper that I'd bought two winters ago for $5 in a charity shop.

It's cashmere and was always a little two small for me, but I wore it anyway until the elbows gave out.  So I decided to try my hand at felting.  (I know, boiling cashmere is more than a little decadent, but I reckoned it had probably had enough life as a jumper and might like to be something different now....)

It took three boil washes to get it to a point that I was confident enough to cut into it.  But today I'd had enough of having a doll sized jumper in my wardrobe so I snipped a sleeve off just to see what would happen.  And miraculously, the line held and nothing unravelled.

I already had the photo frame and was a bit bored with the flower photo that had lived in it for years.  And the creamy white backing is a section of course weave cotton from a much bigger piece with red blotches on it (more of which another time).

If I'm honest I wanted the pictures on the buttons to line up nicely with the holes for the thread.  But they wouldn't.  So I've made do with roughly aligning the washing line instead.

But all in all, I have to say I'm chuffed to bits with it.  It'll definitely be coming to the little old lady house.


  1. I love it, so sweet! We're house hunting at the moment too. Exciting, but oh so nerve-wracking. Laura x

  2. Claire,I laughed out loud when I discovered the name of your blog...I too have a head full of ideas and a lack of time to bring many of these to fruition.I really hope your move goes swimmingly,such a stressful time and thank you so much for the fab cake recipes which I am going to try tomorrow(Its my sisters birthday so there will me many mouths to hoover it up as I really do not need to be eating too much cake)
    Love Anne x

  3. That is a lovely little thing you have made! I like the fact the buttons aren't laigned. It is really gorgeous!!! Love the orange vase too xx

  4. Those buttons are gorgeous! I've not tried felting yet, but I imagine when I do it will take a while to gather up the courage to cut it! I think it works really well with the buttons :) What are you going to do with the rest?
    Also, I adore that vase! Its amazing!

    Samantha xx


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