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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Phil and Kirstie would be proud...

Hello there,

Thanks so very much for all your best wishes and support. You really are a lovely bunch of people. And of course you're right - it wasn't meant to be and we would likely have had trouble with the seller down the road, so best by far to walk away with a sigh of relief. I can say that now because you are also right that there was something else better out there all along - we have found our house! It's amazing really how life works. You think you want one thing. And then something else comes along and when you see it the thing you thought you wanted no longer is the thing at all. In fact, you wonder what you ever saw in it - dresses, men, menu choices, jobs... It was ever thus. And of course, it also applies to houses. ESPECIALLY to houses.

We thought we were looking for a crofter's cottage in a particular town. At least that's what we found first time around. So we set out to find the same again. In fact, we nearly bought a place that was bigger, better, smarter than that a few days ago in the next town along on the coast. But then the self-evident truth slapped us around a bit until we admitted to each other that it might very well be a decent house, but it wasn't in the right place at all. We have set our hearts on a town and that's where we want to be so there was really no point looking anywhere else. (Location, location, location...) Lots of appointments in random places made and cancelled. And then we were taken to see a house in the perfect spot in 'our' town. Minutes away from the sea and just off the High Street. Such a pretty location. It wasn't exactly love at first sight. This is a little old lady house. With little old lady decor. I couldn't see it at all. But Mr. P was determined.  And then slowly it worked its magic until all the little old lady decor fell away in my mind's eye and I could picture a cool contempory luxury look with lots of space and light.  And that was it.  Sold.

It needs LOTS of work.  I am lying awake at night moving walls around in my head.  Trying to figure out the art of the possible on a strict-ish budget.  But I know we'll get there.  And I can't wait.

Sorry there are no pictures - it really wasn't that kind of holiday.  And the little old lady house is camera-shy for the moment.

And lovely to be back in blogland.  I've missed it.  More soon.



  1. Wow! Good news... it is true that things happen for a reason and that when something is right, then it will happen xx

  2. So glad you have managed to find something even better. We bought a little old lady bungalow just over a year ago. We have done lots of modernising but still need to fit a new kitchen/bathroom. We'll get there and we love living here, even though it's not quite finished yet. x

  3. Claire, I'm so glad you've found a house in the right location - it is so important to get the "where" right!
    We too bought a house that was completely not our sort of decor, but like you and your husband know, we know we can change it inside - ours is 80s dark wood and horride carpets everywhere, but the location and setting is right, and the size and no. of rooms, so gradually we will make it ours - takes time though as life gets in the way of decorating on a budget!
    So happy for you, well done!It will be lovely!
    Gill xx

  4. Yay how exciting!! Phil and Kirstie would be proud - no messing about you two!

  5. Congratulations. May you enjoy your new home.

  6. Oh well done! Brilliant news and I'm longing for photos, before and after please! Good luck with this one - sounds like it was meant to be?

  7. That is such good news!!! Very happy for you and old lady house, which will be given a face lift and loved anew xx


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