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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Packages (2)

Like most people, I do love a parcel.  And when I got home the other night, there were not one but two cardboard boxes waiting for me.  Mr. P is very good and doesn't tell me when such parcels come so as not to spoil the surprise.  I have to say I would not be so disciplined, and would likely rip into them to have a good rummage inside before ever he had the chance.  But anyway, these parcels were both ebay purchases.  I have not mentioned this before but I love ebay.  We used to live in the desert in North Africa before we came here, and before every holiday, I would go onto ebay, with the result that I always had parcels waiting for me at my sister's house when we went home.  Most of it was stuff I now don't have (what does this tell you...) - summery things and jumpers (who knew you needed jumpers in the desert).  But not housey stuff.  No point in carting housey stuff back to the desert only to ship it on to, well, wherever we were going next.

But now.... Now is an entirely different ebay experience.  Which leads to purchases like this...

... and this...

I am now the proud owner of a pink milk glass cake stand...

...with a beautiful, intricate lacey pattern which will be so easy to clean...

... and which stands elegantly on a pedestal adorned with patterns that look like musical instruments (I gave up piano when I was nine)...

Really I don't know how I have limped along in life without this until now.

AND, a sewing basket....

... with pretty faded fabric on the lid...

... and more shouty fabric inside.  Of course now that I am a seamstress, I will definitely have use for this.  And I haven't a single other box or tin or cupboard or drawer where I could store my sewing things.  No, I'm sure I don't.

Do you ebay?



  1. Fabulous purchases! I love ebay fact my son was outfitted from either ebay or charity shops until he started school! Still haven't got round to selling anything though. I think my coffee and walnut cake would look splendid on that cake stand!!! xx

  2. Oh yes indeedy. I received a parcel of colourful vintage knitting needles just yesterday ♥ Love both your purchases. I get my brother to bring home stuff from American ebay for me, there is so much choice over there! Laura x

  3. They're both gorgeous purchases. I've used Ebay for both buying and selling, but more for selling. I made a packet selling my kids clothes as they grew out of them when they were younger. It's very time consuming though listing everything.

  4. Ooh I love the cake stand. A good excuse for some baking (or buying) of cakes! The sewing box is lovely too, I acquired an old one from my mother-in -law last year, made a great difference to have proper, organised storage at last!

  5. Wow, I am very envious of your cake stand, it's very pretty & I love the detailing on the base. :)

  6. Love the cake stand. I tried to look for some milk glass on ebay a while ago and nothing came up. Will definitely try again. The fabric on the sewing basket is gorgeous, faded or shouty! x

  7. Oh yes I most certainly do and your 'wins' are gorgeous. Of course you need to look the part now you are the seamstress!

  8. Do I eBay?? Do I breathe??
    Oh yessireee!!!!!!!
    Fab wins there - just love that pink milk glass stand, its beautiful!!!! So now I will have to waste time on ebay looking for one too won't I?!!
    Love the funky sewing basket too, now you can be organised.
    Must've been pretty remote living in the desert in North Africa - bit of a contrast from Manhattan!
    Thanks for your comment. Love that film too, know exactly the bit you mean - "dont you just love daisies" etc!! And I wonder if the word verification does pick up on words in your post as Ive had something similar before!
    Edited to add - yours was reptica!!!! reptiles in the desert maybe......


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